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15 Pieces of Clothing Every Man Needs in His Closet

Men’s fashion isn’t as complicated as some people may have you think. You don’t need to be scouring men’s fashion magazines for the most expensive pieces of clothing on the market. Instead, you can stock your closet with the essentials, creating a wardrobe that will be unique while covering all your bases.

 15 Pieces of Clothing Every Man Needs in His Closet

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But where do you start? From men’s long sleeve henley shirts to reliable denim jeans, here’s the clothing that every man needs in his closet.

  • Jeans

First and foremost, every man needs a good pair of jeans. Whether you’re the cowboy wrangler or rocking the Canadian tuxedo, the right pair of men’s jeans will really tie any look together. Levi’s tend to be the go-to jean for many men, and for good reason: The company has perfected the craft since 1873. You’ll just want to find what Levi’s style works for you, whether that’s the 505 Regular Fit jeans or the 501 Original jeans or the 512 Slim Taper Fit jeans.

  • Chinos

Sometimes jeans are unsuitable for the social gathering you’re headed to. Chinos make for perfect bottom-wear, whether you’re heading out on the town with the boys or going on a date to a high-end restaurant – all without carrying the careless vibe that jeans sometimes do. 

  • Dress pants

Need to dress up for work, a carefree wedding or a funeral for a loved one? Dress pants are a must, as they’ll allow you to switch from comfort to formal in no time at all.

These cotton chinos are the perfect work pants. The Bonobos brand is focused on constructing great-fitting pants for every man.

  • Joggers

Comfortable joggers are a must for the guy who wants to relax at home, walk the dog while keeping his legs cozy or quickly run to a nearby cafe without having to get dressed to the nines.

  • Oxford shirt

Whether you have a presentation at work or want to dress up for an anniversary date, you’ll want an oxford shirt. Better yet, you should consider getting a few oxford button-ups, as this will allow you to regularly mix up your shirts, pairing them with other clothes. It’ll also keep people on their toes, so they won’t think you own just one dress shirt.

15 Pieces of Clothing Every Man Needs in His Closet

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  • Blazer

Sometimes you need a little more flair than just an oxford shirt. That’s where the blazer comes in. Tossed over your shirt, it allows you to look even more professional, all while maintaining an overall level of comfort. Similar to getting a few oxford shirts in varying colors, you should consider getting two blazers. Your color choice will depend on your overall wardrobe, but you should choose two colors, from black to navy to gray to brown tweed. 

  • Ties

Want to round out your professional wardrobe? Make sure to have some ties nearby. The most important thing is you’ll want to match your tie and shirt. Just as you’ll have multiple oxford shirts and two blazers, you’ll want ties that can be paired with them. Depending on your overall style and mood, you could choose a tie that is complementary or contrasting, whether in its color or pattern. 

  • The simple t-shirt

No man’s wardrobe is complete until they have a simple t-shirt to wear here, there and everywhere. Men’s t-shirt packs are the best way to invest in t-shirts you can trust, as it will allow you to get multiple of the same size and style in either the same color or seasonally themed colors. Same with all other tops; you’ll want to have multiple colorways so you can match your wardrobe to a theme, season, mood or event.

  • Long-sleeve henley

Similar to the simple t-shirt, get a little wild by buying men’s long-sleeve henley shirts for your wardrobe. Long-sleeve, comfortable and a button placket? What’s not to love? Well, nothing! It’s the best shirt for fall and spring, providing men with a mid-season shirt that’s as comforting as it is breathable.

  • Roll neck sweater

Turtlenecks tend to get all the clout when it comes to sweaters, but rollneck sweaters have taken the world by storm these last few years. Look for one made of high-quality, ethically sourced wool and don’t hesitate to throw it into your winter wardrobe. It will keep you warm while providing you with a recognizable sense of style.

  • Crew neck sweater

Don’t like the idea of having a collar wrapped around your neck? A crew neck sweater is your best bet. Sometimes known as the “college sweater,” crew necks are ideal for almost any situation, whether you’re headed out for boy’s night, studying at the library, going for a walk or stopping by the office on a day where you have no important meetings to attend.

15 Pieces of Clothing Every Man Needs in His Closet

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  • A comfortable hoodie

What guy doesn’t love a good hoodie? Similar to crew neck sweaters, hoodies are perfect for almost any situation, from lying on the couch to cheering on your favorite team at the bar. For fall and winter, consider getting a dark color, such as a maroon hoodie, as it will be fitting for the season.

  • Waterproof jacket

Rain happens. Don’t let it get you down. Instead, make sure you have a waterproof jacket at the ready. Just make sure to keep a close eye on the jacket you’re buying: Waterproof and water-resistant are not the same. Waterproof is your best bet, as it will protect you against the rain for long periods of time.

  • Winter peacoat

Want to look fashionable while staying warm amid the cold weather? A black wool peacoat is the way to go. Thick enough to protect you from the wind while keeping the snow at bay, a peacoat is a must for any man who wants to look slick while staying comfortable in the winter weather.

  • Accessories

Last, you’ll want to improve your wardrobe by adding in the right accessories. There’s no right essential accessory, as it depends on your overall outfit. But the best accessories include:

  • Beanies and hats
  • Watches
  • Sunglasses
  • Bracelets
  • Necklaces
  • Belts
  • Wallets

Ready to improve your wardrobe? Don’t waste another day. Get out there and start upgrading your closet, reimagining yourself into a fashionable man.

15 Pieces of Clothing Every Man Needs in His Closet