Building Stronger Family Ties Through Halloween Bonding And Halloween Crowns
September 18, 2023

Building Stronger Family Ties Through Halloween Bonding And Halloween Crowns

By Precious Martins


As the year gradually rounds off, holidays and festivities slowly roll in. The months October and November are marked with celebrations that are family-centric like Halloween and Thanksgiving. These aforementioned festivities set the tone for the major and longer end-of-the-year celebration and holiday in December, Christmas, that stretches into the New Year celebration.

Oftentimes, the week-long Christmas and New Year break is the only time many families really come together to spend time with each other for days, dawn to dusk. And as many parents would often share "before you blink twice, the holiday is over and everyone is back to work/school."

However, many aren't aware that one of the secrets to building momentum of togetherness that is relished, and strengthened in family time shared during the last holiday of the year is first moulded at Halloween. This article would be shedding more light on how Halloween can be taken advantage of to build family bonds with your children that would last for the holidays ahead and beyond and recommended Halloween crowns your kids would fall in love with.

What Role Does Celebrating Halloween Together Play In Building Stronger Family Ties?

While it's true that a strong family tie isn't solely hinged on spending a holiday together, celebrating Halloween together as a family has been seen to be a great avenue through which the loving connection between parents to child(ren) is strengthened. This also applies to relationships between aunties to their niece or nephew and sibling to sibling. Below are 6 ways celebrating Halloween with your children (and loved ones) can contribute to strengthening family ties:

  • The act of engaging in shared and fun Halloween activities builds emotional and interpersonal bonding. It reinforces the idea of the family being a safe space to love, support, and have fun.
  • It fosters laughter and happiness that would develop into memorable and positive moments that would draw family members closer, creating unforgettable memories.
  • It provides opportunities for loving, open communications on costume ideas, costume choices, and Halloween activities preference, emphasising themes of togetherness and individuality.
  • It builds a sense of excitement in the minds of your children, siblings, nieces or nephews, encouraging them to look forward to more fun activities together. This anticipation fuels the desire to spend further quality time in each other's company.
  • Finally, engaging in Halloween activities together as a family builds and foster openness and trust. Each creative activity taken up like indoor games, candy making, shopping, decorations, and trick-or-tricking adventures is an opportunity to share thoughts, teach important values, and connect on a deeper level.

3 Recommended Halloween Crowns Perfect for Kids

  • SV Ghost Eyes Pumpkin Halloween Tiara

  • halloween

    The SV Ghost Eyes Pumpkin Halloween Tiara does a great job in depicting the themes of Halloween in playful designs that sparks the imagination of your young ones. This unisex crown is a fine blend of spooky and fun. It creatively features colourful representation of the festivity: white floaty ghosts, broken and blazing angry pumpkins, and evil eyes. The play on imagery is great and isn't too scary. This tiara can be worn on clothings like a top and jeans, plain gowns, ghost costume, or a voluminous, flowy dress. They are also free to get creative.

  • Thorn Bush-Halloween Series Tiara

  • halloween-crowns

    The Thorn Bush-Halloween Series Tiara is a perfect go-to for a quick, simple, and mystic Halloween look. Although this thorny crown doesn't have a shouty design, the message it portrays is straightforward and unmistakable. It's distinguished by its shiny black metal and the masterpiece designs of intertwined, thorny twigs. This tiara can be worn on clothings like an Elsa-style dress, a comfy Halloween sweater with a jeans skirt or trousers, or a voluminous black, ball gown.They are also free to get creative.

  • SV Naughty Ghost Halloween Tiara

  • halloween-crowns

    Let your little troublemakers shine bright this Halloween with the SV Naughty Ghost Halloween Tiara. Befitting for the tricky mood of the occasion, this crown is crafted with attention to details and has designs that look like they were cut out of a comic book. With playful ghosts, intricate cobwebs, and eerie abandoned churches, this accessory would be an ideal accessory to boost their hair-raising Halloween ensemble. Pair this crown with a mystical witch or wizard dress, a spooky superhero, or a ghost costume. They are also free to get creative.

    Final Thoughts 

    Long before Thanksgiving and Christmas comes, engaging in Halloween activities with your children (and loved ones) can contribute positively to them. It's capable of impacting the quality of the relationship you share and enjoying the break together. Spending quality time with your family on Halloween requires everyone to be dressed for the occasion. Sweetv understands that you really don't have to break a bank to give your kids a spooky appearance.