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Best Halloween Costume Ideas for Men and Women to Wear at Office Parties

Best Halloween Costume Ideas

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Halloween parties are always fun, be it with your friends, family, or co-workers. It’s all about the funky costumes and makeup you wear. However, no matter how much you try, there is always a professional boundary that you don’t want to cross at your workplace.

When your office hosts a Halloween party, you always want to know how they expect you to dress up and which costumes would be appropriate for a Halloween party at work. You definitely don’t want to wear something that makes you feel awkward in the office atmosphere.

Hence, to make your day easier, we are here with some mind-blowing Halloween costume ideas that you can actually wear to work. Take a look!

Halloween Costumes for Men 

Below we are listing some awesome Halloween costumes, including Halloween shirts ideas for both women and men to wear at the office. You can choose between fun and spooky costume ideas for movie characters and famous personalities too. Explore!

Hawaiian Punch Costume: How about a dangerous yet fun hunk look that the guys don’t want to mess with but grab the girls’ attention? Hawaiian punk look is just that.

Wear a hat made of straw cane, a Hawaiian floral shirt, a boxing glove, and you’re good to rock the look. You can also complement your look with flower rings and big mustaches. 

Brawny Man Costume: If you don’t feel the energy to invest much in your Halloween costume, just being a bearded man is enough. Now, wear a check shirt and take a Brawny paper towel with you. Show them who you are.

Dwight Schrute Costume: If you’re a fan of “The Office” character Dwight Schrute, don’t you think it is the best option for an office Halloween party? Also, that’s not a look too difficult to pull off, is it? Just the typical office formal look with glasses and a two-sided hairstyle. That’s it!

Bandits Costume: This is the ultimate look you want to create with your office partner in crime. Get a pair of black and white striped full sleeve T-shirts, black winter hats, and eye masks, and complement the whole look with a sack having a dollar sign. Cool! No?

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Halloween Costumes for Women 

If you’re a girl who’s into funky and creative costumes, you will surely love these ideas. And guess what? These are absolutely perfect for office parties too. Check these out! 

Queen of Hearts Halloween Costume: This is the dream Halloween costume for all girls who want to look like a queen at a party. Why not a queen of hearts?

Wear your favorite red satin gown, and finish your queen of hearts look with a card deck collar. It isn’t too tough to create. Just wrap a piece of stiff paper around your neck to get the right size and staple the card with it.

Cat Makeup Costume: This is the classic Halloween costume that at least one girl wears at every Halloween party because this costume never fails to create a whole Halloween mood. Eyeliner with cat wings, face paint, and cat ear headbands with an all-black outfit. What else can you ask for?

Wednesday Addams Costume: If you’re a black lover, this is the ultimate look you want to create for your office Halloween party. Make two braids wear a black frock or any other dark and adorable gothic dress, and you’re good to go!

Rosie the Riveter Costume: Create the iconic look of Rosie the Riveter at your work. After all, which character can better describe your strength and ability at the workplace? Get your denim shirt, roll up the sleeves, wear your red bandana and favorite red lipstick, and show them your power.

Unisex Halloween Costumes

Why not choose dresses that both men and women can wear at their office Halloween party? Honestly, they’re more fun. Here’s how.

Cat with Yarn Ball: Want to make a funny look that everyone wants to have a selfie with? Transform yourself into a cat tangled in a yarn ball. Just wear a cat ear cap or headband, a plastic wire tail, and entangle a yarn ball all over your body. 

Formal Apology Costume: Will it be too much to get a little annoying yet fun to your colleagues? Just a simple sash with the word “apology” written on it can be enough for that. Make sure you keep on saying “sorry” to everyone the whole time for no reason. 

Sea Anemone Costume: Well, if you’re willing to sacrifice sitting the whole time for a showstopper costume, this is the one. Make yourself look like a sea anemone by blowing up some long pink balloons and attaching them with your shirt.

Carpool Karaoke Costume: Why don’t you bring some life to the office party with a Carpool Karaoke costume? Get your work bestie to accompany you in the costume to play a duet with you.

All you have to do is take a yellow board, paint it black and silver to make the front part of a taxi, and attach it with bands around the collar of your Halloween shirts. Carry a karaoke radio and a mike with you and sing along. That’s not too hard, is it?

Bat Costume: The most common yet the perfect Halloween costume for all times and genders. Wear your black hoodie, make use of an old umbrella to create bat wings, and attach them to your hoodie sleeves with safety pins. And don’t forget to wear two black bat-ear-shaped papers on your hood to complete the look.

Goose and Maverick Costume: Recreate the legendary duo from “Top Gun” Goose and Maverick with your office partner in crime. Just get two matching pilot uniforms with cool commando sunglasses.

Men in Black Costume: Imagine if you and your work squad hit the floor of the office party in Men in Black suits and shades in a posh mood. Why not? Also, it is the easiest costume you can go for. And, with this costume, no worries about fitting with the office protocols.

'Westworld' Costume: Are you a fan of “Westworld”? Then why not make an old meet new look with your office partner inspired by this amazing TV show. Just get your grandparents’ clothes, cowboy boots, and let your partner wear their favorite modern wear or vice versa.

Final Word 

So, could you decide which one would be the best for you among these? You can take help from your friends and colleagues and also help them get some ideas too. All the best and happy Halloween!

Best Halloween Costume Ideas