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Benefits Of Starting A Watch Company

With the high street in freefall, you could be forgiven for thinking that the watch industry is on the verge of collapse. However, the facts suggest otherwise. Luxury watch brands continue to sell billions of pounds each year. In 2018, Switzerland exported a whopping $21.6 billion in luxury watches. 

Though the smartphone has eliminated the practical need to keep an eye on your wrist, watches continue to thrive as luxury accessories. They are a bold statement of personal style now more than ever. With the watch industry being so valuable, many entrepreneurs want to get a piece of the action. The good thing about starting a watch company is that you can sell used watch or new watches, and you will still get customers. 

Some of the benefits of starting a watch company include;

There is a lot of interest.

The jewellery and watch store industry in the United Kingdom is worth approximately £6 billion, with over 7,000 businesses in operation (IBIS World). As long as people continue to buy watches and value them as fashion accessories, there will be a steady market for watch retailers, as well as repair and battery replacement businesses.

People want to emulate the styles of influencers and celebrities.

The rich and famous continue to personalise their looks with luxury watches. Given people's propensity to imitate celebrity style, it is unsurprising that many people follow in their footsteps by purchasing expensive watches. This is more important to the industry than ever in the age of social media, hen celebrity and influencer lifestyles are increasingly in the public eye.

Watches are frequent expressions

This is not a business that deals with large amounts of inventory. Watches are high-end items that can fetch thousands of pounds on their own. If you are a convincing salesperson who can instil trust in your customers, you can make a significant profit from selling a small number of products.

You can modify your watch business to reflect current trends.

Watch companies must now tailor their products and services to a much more specific audience. The days of carrying an analogue clock around with you are long gone. The industry is now catering to a more refined clientele with a lot of money to spend on luxury items. So, you could choose to provide high-quality watches that rival the likes of Rolex, Michael Kors, and Hugo Boss.

You could also concentrate on selling and repairing smartwatches. Innovative wristwear is likely to become the norm in the digital age, as consumers crave convenience and care more about their health and fitness. 

Franchises are well-suited to the watch industry.

You might be interested in starting your own watch company from scratch. The issue is that it is impossible to establish a reputation as a trustworthy retailer overnight, which is critical in an industry that deals with delicate goods. 


Starting a watch business is very advantageous because you can get multiple customers quickly, and you can use the advantages above to make you start your business.