Cheap Men’s Watch Brands For Starter Watches
February 08, 2020

Cheap Men’s Watch Brands For Starter Watches

Cheap Men’s Watch Brands For Starter Watches

Any man will come to a point where he needs a good starter watch. A starter watch is the first good watch for any person, be it in mechanical or quartz movement. This watch is the watch they’ll treasure forever, and it will hold quite the emotional value for them. Statistics show that most men will have a starter watch at the age of 15 to 16.

If you have a son or a daughter, for that matter, who you want to share your passion for watches with, or you want to have a great watch, we’ve collated the best starter watch from cheap watch brands in this article. With these brands, you don’t have to shell out thousands of dollars to get a beautiful timepiece.


Timex has been around the industry for quite some time, and they have never come out with a watch that did not impress. You can get an automatic movement from the brand in less than $300, but the quartz chronograph option is a better alternative if we’re going to be honest. You’ll need to decide first if you want your kid to have a mechanical or quartz watch, in this instance.

But when you do decide, a classic Timex piece should do the job. The Waterbury Traditional is a great-looking watch to start. It has the simplicity of an analog watch paired with the bells and whistles of a chronograph.

It feels substantial on the wrist as well, and that will put more weight on your child’s mind. No wonder it’s constantly voted as one of the best wrist watch brands.


Cheap Men’s Watch Brands For Starter Watches

Never heard of Seiko? Well, you’re in for luck. Seiko is a Japanese watch brand that revolutionized the industry by introducing the quartz movement. Since then, the movement took off, and it’s the most profitable watch movement in the world today. What most people fail to realize though, is that Seiko produces great automatic watches too.

And they do great mechanical watches with automatic movement. If you want the feel and look of a Rolex with the detail and attention that only the Japanese can do, knock yourself out with a 5 Sports watch from the brand. The line is stylish, cosmopolitan, and most importantly, accessible. For no more than $250, you can get your child his starter mechanical watch.


Apple is not a watch company per se, but with its smartwatch series, the company has placed itself in a position that all the other smartwatch companies are envious of. The Apple Watch Series 5 is as good a smartwatch can get. It starts at around $300, and best believe you’re getting a ton of features for it.

If your kid has an iPhone, it’s a no-brainer that you get him an Apple Watch. They’ll probably recognize it from the get-go, so you’ll earn Daddy or Mommy points for it. It’s trendy, for sure, but the insides and make of it are worth its price. Trust us when we say, this watch is the safest bet when you want to see your kid truly light up.

In addition, you can also buy some cute and fashionable Apple watch bands for your children from Cxsbands to better match the Apple watches given to your children.


Another Japanese watch company that produces quality watches without the astronomical pricing, Casio has been the stalwart of digital watches since the concept took off. Today, Casio is known for its G-Shock line of rugged watches. A G-shock or a Baby G may be the perfect starter watch for your kid - it’s ostentatious enough for them to humblebrag it, but also tough enough for daily wear and tear.


Cheap Men’s Watch Brands For Starter Watches 

A starter watch needs to have enough emotional weight to be treasured. For parents, you don’t need to buy your kids luxury mechanical watches as they probably won’t appreciate the value of it when they’re still that young. Get them one of these recommendations instead, and you’re good to go.