Ayia Napa – The Top Destination in Cyprus
July 16, 2021

Ayia Napa – The Top Destination in Cyprus

Ayia Napa is the pearl of Cyprus. Located in the southeast corner of the island, it is an extremely popular tourist destination. Most tourists arrive here from the Larnaca International Airport, which is 40 minutes away by car. Paphos, another popular tourist area on the island is 2 hours away.

Ayia Napa is especially popular with young people because of its vibrant nightlife. It ranks regularly as one of the best nightlife places in Europe with Ibiza, London, Berlin, Dubrovnik, Barcelona, and Prague. But the resort city and surrounding areas are also good for married people with children and also for romantic couples who want something special. Ayia Napa offers something for everyone.

Ayia Napa – The Top Destination in Cyprus

Best Time to Visit Ayia Napa in 2021

  • September to early October is the best time for a beach holiday in Ayia Napa. It will be still warm and very sunny. The water will be warm in the summer. There will be fewer tourists as well. A beach holiday will be very comfortable. You can also go on sightseeing trips.
  • The end of May to June is also a pleasant time. This is a great time for outdoor activities.
  • July and August will be extremely hot. There will also be a lot of tourists as most people come to the island for its warm, sunny weather.
  • March, April and November are the off-season months. The weather will be unpredictable during these months. It can either be warm or cold. It will rain a lot sometimes, while the other days will be dry. However, you can still travel throughout the island and see its many attractions and also swim and sunbathe.

Ayia Napa – The Top Destination in Cyprus

There are many hotels, apartments, and Cyprus holiday villas in Ayia Napa. The tourist infrastructure in the resort is very developed. You are sure to find something within your budget. A luxury villa is the best place to stay here. You will have all the comforts you get in a star-category hotel and also bigger rooms and more privacy.

There are private villas in Ayia Napa right on the beach, close to the nightclubs, and other top attractions. You will also find villas away from the crowds, in quiet and serene places. Find a large selection of luxury villas in Ayia Napa on this website.

What to See in Ayia Napa

There are a lot of things to see and do in the city.

  • Water World – This is one of the biggest waterparks in Europe. Decorated in ancient Greek theme, the park has many slides and attractions for both the kids and adults. They are all named after ancient Greek mythology – Mount Olympus, Mount Zeus, Poseidon’s Wave Pool, The Search for Hercules, and Fall of Icarus. Enjoy the slides, wave pools, lazy river, and other attractions.
  • Thalassa Museum – Located in the central part of Ayia Napa, the museum is dedicated to the sea. The displays showcase life on the Mediterranean Sea and the island, its marine animals, and birds. There are ship replicas, shipwrecks, and antiquities of Cyprus.
  • Ayia Napa Monastery – The city gets its name from the Venetian monastery, which is 1500 years old. It was actually constructed as a medieval castle and later renovated in 1950 and again in 1978. Exhibitions and festivals are held here in the summer.
  • The Black Pearl – This is an exact replica of the biggest pirate boat to have ever sailed on the Mediterranean. It was originally named “Wicked Wench”. You can go on a cruise on this pirate boat. Cruises leave at 10:45 in the morning and return at 3:00.

Ayia Napa – The Top Destination in Cyprus

Ayia Napa Beaches

Ayia Napa has an 8-kilometer long coastline with many beautiful sandy beaches. They are all Blue Flag beaches, which shows they are all safe, have the best water quality, and excellent infrastructure for tourists.

They are all free beaches. But you will have to pay to rent a sun lounger and umbrella. The cost is around 2.5 or 5 euros for the entire day.

  • Nissi Beach – The 500-meters long Nissi Beach is the most famous. It has a small islet just off the coast. There are watersports. Nissi beach can get very crowded during the peak season. You will find many bars, cafes, and restaurants all around. Contests and parties are held on the beach.
  • Sandy Bay – This is a small bay, east of Nissi. It is a narrow bay and the perfect place to spend a relaxing holiday. You will rarely find the crowds like Nissi. However, you will still find loungers and umbrellas where you can relax. There are several restaurants around Sandy Bay.
  • Pantachou Beach – This is the largest beach in the city. It is sometimes also called the Grecian Bay Beach after the large Grecian Bay Hotel. This is a quiet beach, ideal for families.
  • Macronissos Beach – Macronissos is unique because there are actually two beaches separated by a rocky headland where there are ancient tombs. The Macronissos West and East beaches are both charming. The water is calm. The sand is golden. Water World is very close.
  • Landa Beach – A beautiful and small beach close to the city center and hotels. It is popular for swimming. It is also called the Golden Beach because of the color of the sand. Landa Beach can get crowded because of this. However, you will still find empty stretches if you go a little bit to the east or west. There is a barbecue area and a playground for children.

Ayia Napa – The Top Destination in Cyprus

The Best Place to Stay

For your convenience, we have divided the Ayia Napa coast into the following zones –

West – The housing you will find here is mostly private apartments and villas. Choose your location carefully, especially if you want to swim. Ayia Thekla is a great beach in the west. It has everything.

The Central Zone – Stay here if you are keen on entertainment and nightlife. The coastline is mixed. Some beaches have a lot of pebbles, while the others are sandy. Choose a villa in the eastern outskirts of the city. You will then have easy access to a beach where you can swim like Pantahu, Glyki Nero, and also the nightclubs, but you will still be living in a quiet place and will have your privacy.

East – You will find many private apartments and villas here. Like in the west, here too, you have to be careful while selecting your accommodation. Stay in a villa that provides you easy access to the sea.

Housing Cost in Ayia Napa

The cost of housing in Ayia Napa for 2021 with self-booking:

Housing Type


Hotel room

from 70 € / day

Private apartments

from 40-50 € / day

Villa (house)

from 100-120 € / day


Where Can You Rent a Car with Prices

  • Streetside rental – From 55 € a day. It will be 35 € a day if you book for 3-6 days.
  • Myrentacar – From 55 € a day. 20 € a day when you book for 3 days, and 8 € a day for 7 days.
  • Rentalcars – From 30 € for 1 day. 10 € / day for booking the car for 3 days.
  • EconomyBookings – From 30 € for 1 day. 12 € / day if you book for 3 days.

How Much Money Should You Carry On a Vacation to Ayia Napa

If you are visiting with a travel agency…

The cost of the tour already includes flight, accommodation, transfer from the airport to the hotel, medical insurance, and sometimes even meals (all meals or a part). Your voucher may include the following expenses – snacks or full food + drinks (depending on the type of food selected at the hotel), souvenirs, excursions, attractions, entertainment, transportation, car rental.

  • For a week – 150 €. This will include – 2 excursions or car rental for 3 days with fuel + 50 € for entertainment + 100 € for souvenirs and gifts + 20 € for other expenses + 40-300 € for meals with drinks = A total of 360-620 €.
  • For 10 days – 250 €. This includes – 3 excursions or car rental for 5 days with fuel + 80 € for entertainment + 100 € for souvenirs and gifts + 30 € for other expenses + 60-400 € for meals with drinks = 520-860 €.
  • For 2 weeks – 250 €. This includes – 3 excursions or car rental for 5 days with fuel + 100 € for entertainment + 100 € for souvenirs and gifts + 40 € for other expenses + 80-550 € for meals with drinks = 570-1040 €.

Ayia Napa – The Top Destination in Cyprus

If you arrange the trip on your own…

If you are flying on your own, then the air ticket and, most likely, insurance have already been paid for. Check your travel insurance covers Covid-19 emergency medical and Cancellation, including compulsory quarantine. If you’re not sure in your plans or take two or more trips per year it’s worth considering Annual multi-trip travel insurance that works out a lot cheaper. The cost of Annual travel insurance with Covid-19 cover starts from 6 € per month.

However, you will still need money for the accommodation, food, transfers, entertainment, souvenirs, to see the attractions, and for excursions.

  • For a week – 350 € towards your accommodation + 300 € for food with drinks + 150 € for 2 excursions or car rental for 3 days with fuel + 50 € for entertainment + 100 € for souvenirs and gifts + 90 € for transfer + 20 € for other expenses = 1060 €.
  • For 10 days – 500 € towards your accommodation + 400 € for food with drinks + 250 € for 3 excursions or car rental for 3 days with fuel + 80 € for entertainment + 100 € for souvenirs and gifts + 90 € for transfer + 30 € for other expenses = 1450 €.
  • For 2 weeks – 700 € towards your accommodation + 550 € for food with drinks + 250 € for 3 excursions or car rental for 5 days with fuel + 100 € for entertainment + 100 € for souvenirs and gifts + 90 € for transfer + 40 € for other expenses = 1830 €.