Savvy Travel Tips for Rookie Vacationers
August 20, 2020

Savvy Travel Tips for Rookie Vacationers

Savvy Travel Tips for Rookie Vacationers

Bit by the travel bug? You’re not alone. After months at home, Americans are itching for a summer vacation. National Parks across the country and vacation destinations like Florida are popular options for both the rookie and seasoned traveler this summer, reports The New York Times.

Pack your bags, it’s time for a vacation. Keep these smart tips in mind, wherever your travel plans take you.

The Great American Road Trip

National Geographic has dubbed this summer the summer of road trips. Albeit under unique circumstances, there has seemingly never been a better time to hit the highway to explore the country by car, or for the savvy traveler, motorhome or RV.

Wherever your wanderlust takes you this summer, whether it is iconic Route 66 or the scenic Pacific Coast Highway, auto insurance can ensure a smooth trip, even if there are some bumps in the road along your journey.

Not only does having proper coverage protect your car and finances, auto insurance covers you and your passengers, too. Plus, service options like roadside assistance may just come in handy when you’re on the open road.

Air Travel 101

Aviophobia, or the fear of flying, is relatively common. In fact, the National Institute of Mental Health reports that aviophobia affects 6.5 percent of the population, or some 20 million people. It is entirely normal to have pre-flight jitters and anxiety about air travel, especially in these uncertain times.

However, there are some precautions that you can take before flying the friendly skies, such as arriving at the airport early, two hours is the general rule, and checking the airline luggage requirements to avoid any check-in stress or added fees upon your arrival to the airport.

It's important to be aware of some other regulations, for example, what you can take on your carry-on bag, or whether you are allowed to take electronic devices or Bluetooth-enabled devices. While electronic devices are generally permitted on flights, some airlines may restrict their use for safety reasons. Therefore, it's advisable to check with the airline before your flight to confirm if you can use Bluetooth on a plane to avoid any inconveniences and can have a smooth and stress-free air travel experience.

The travel experts from NerdWallet also suggest packing essentials in your carry-on bag, keeping your identification handy at all times and wearing easy-to-remove shoes to keep airport anxiety at bay.

Additionally, TSA and U.S. airlines are implementing health and safety measures such as requiring passengers to wear masks in the airport and on the plane. Additionally, Colorado-based Frontier Airlines is even conducting temperature checks prior to plane boarding to ensure the health and safety of both the crew and passengers.  If you are traveling to the Dominican Republic, understanding airport transfer options can help you save a lot of time and money. The most popular way to travel from the airport is through Punta Cana transfers. These transfers offer a variety of private transportation options that are safe, reliable, and efficient. You can get from Punta Cana airport to Hilton La Romana in just 90 minutes, making it a convenient way to start your vacation. Other popular transfer destinations include Santo Domingo, Puerto Plata, and La Romana.

Pack Your Bags, Strategically

Marie Kondo knows a thing or two about getting organized at home, but her tips and tricks for tidying up don’t stop at the doorstep. The Japanese organizing expert also has advice for travelers, too.

Kondo suggests folding, not rolling, your clothes. Her iconic KonMari folding technique keeps clothing items wrinkle-free and neat all while maximizing precious suitcase space. She also suggests keeping 10 percent of your suitcase empty so that you can fill it up with treasures from your travels that spark joy.

And when it comes to luggage, Kondo says to choose a suitcase that works for you and look for a style that is lightweight, durable and the appropriate size for your trip.

Go ahead, scratch that travel itch. Keep these savvy travel tips in mind as you plan out your next vacation, rookie traveler. Whether it’s an epic American road trip or flight across the country, there's simply no denying these tips will come in handy. Bon voyage, travelers.

Savvy Travel Tips for Rookie Vacationers