Visiting NAMM 2024
March 04, 2024

An Essential Guide to Visiting NAMM 2024: Be Prepared!

NAMM, the biggest event in the music industry, brings together musicians worldwide to showcase their talent, including products like Alice guitar strings. With so much to explore during the event, planning which exhibits you would like to visit would be great. Read this beginner’s guide for NAMM 2024 if you would like to experience the music industry like never before. 

Visiting NAMM 2024

NAMM Visit Planning: Simple Steps for a Great Experience

  1. Check Dates and Venue 

If you’d like to check our Alice guitar strings, you should know the dates and venue at the back of your fingertips. The show will start on the 25th of January and end on the 28th of January at the Anaheim Convention Centre. 

  1. Accommodation 

Suppose you want to completely enjoy the event without facing any trouble. In that case, booking in the official NAMM hotel is recommended as the hotel rooms will be completely reserved, and the best and most flexible rates will be offered. Also, while booking accommodation for yourself, be aware of third-party scams, as some other company might pose as an official NAMM partner. 

  1. Travel Arrangements 

Depending on how far you live from California, make sure to confirm all travel arrangements beforehand. If you are traveling from outside the US to see Alice guitar strings, complete the relevant visa requirements on time. You might also have the option of traveling by road or bus. Plan your route ahead of time and also get the necessary permits to avoid any potential hassles later on.

  1. Registration 

When you’re finally ready to proceed with the registration process to check out the best accessories for guitar, visit the official website at Whether you’re an industry pro, a student, a teacher, or an influencer, NAMM welcomes everyone. The general attendee badge is priced at $150, and if you would like to network with others, then the badge will cost $650 for members. However, if you’re a student, there’s some good news for you as students can avail of a discount with their original student card and will only have to pay $75. 

  1. Plan Your Schedule 

As it will be a 4-day event with lots of exhibits to explore, such as Alice guitar strings and essential guitar accessories, make a list of the exhibits you want to see. The NAMM app will help you determine which panels to check out and what suits your interests and likes. 

Alice Guitar Strings at NAMM 2024 

When you’re present at the NAMM 2024 show, do not forget to check out Alice guitar strings, as they will also have a panel there. You'll also get the opportunity to check out a wide variety of Alice guitar strings and products, allowing you to confirm the brand's high quality. You won't be disappointed, as Alice Guitar Strings is dedicated to supplying professional guitar equipment of all kinds. 

Visiting NAMM 2024

FAQs about NAMM 2024

Q1. Can anyone attend the NAMM show? 

Yes, anyone can attend the NAMM show without any restrictions. Some rules are in place that make it essential for underage or young music lovers to attend this event with their legal guardians or parents. 

Q2. How do you attend NAMM? 

If you want to attend the NAMM event, you must register on the website ( After that, keep the QR code you received and show it while collecting your badge at the event as soon as you reach the venue. 

Q3. What can I bring to NAMM? 

It is recommended to bring a backpack with you for all your essentials. If you like to capture moments, add extra batteries for your camera. 

Q4. Is the NAMM show free? 

No, the NAMM show is not free but reasonably priced. You can visit the NAMM website for more details on ticket prices, which start from $75. 

Visiting NAMM 2024


As NAMM is one of the most important music events in the US, make sure you’re fully prepared to enjoy it. Through this event, you’ll see not only Alice guitar strings but other exhibits as well. Also, don’t forget to meet up with other industry professionals and get inspired by the stories they have to share.