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Is It Better To Travel With A Backpack Or Suitcase?


Most travelers and backpackers get stuck in the backpack vs. suitcase conundrum. This is a serious problem, especially for beginners, because they believe that in order to become a backpacker, it is necessary to own a backpack.

Well, that may not be entirely true. This article will discuss the pros and cons of backpacks and suitcases, helping you decide which is better for the type of traveling you intend to do.

Destination and Itinerary

The type of luggage you should carry depends on the style of traveling you prefer, as well as the destination and amount of luggage you want to carry. Backpacks are a suitable option if you are packing light because they are easier to carry.

In case you plan on going on adventurous activities on your trip, like camping, trekking, and lots of walking on uneven paths or stairs, backpacks should be the ideal choice.

However, when you are living in comfortable hotels and have to pack for a long trip, carrying a heavy backpack will be impractical, and a spacious suitcase will be more useful and convenient.

You can refer to these buying guides to choose the top quality and most suitable luggage for your travel needs.

You might still be confused about whether a backpack or a suitcase is better for your travel plans, so we have compiled some pros and cons of each type of luggage to make your decision easier.

Pros of Carrying a Backpack Instead of a Suitcase

1. Backpacks are lighter than suitcases

Backpacks are made from lightweight materials because they are meant to be carried on one’s back. The soft fabric frame does not carry the weight of hard suitcase surfaces, wheels, and handles, making them easier to carry.

They have less room, which encourages you to pack fewer things, saving you from extra weight charges at the airport and combating the fatigue of dragging heavy luggage around.

2. Easy Maneuverability

Walking on uneven terrains and pavements with a backpack is very easy. If you are going for a hike to catch the mountain top view, it will be extremely impractical to drag a suitcase up a hill.

Moreover, some cities that promote a healthy lifestyle or have very old buildings do not have elevators and escalators. Carrying a backpack on stairs is extremely easy and practical compared to the nightmare of rolling or carrying a suitcase up a flight of stairs.

3. Your Hands Are Not Occupied Constantly

Another excellent advantage of traveling with a backpack is that you can wear it on your back, leaving your hands free. This makes it easier to carry foods and drinks, which are not uncommon on vacations, take pictures and carry other things you might pick up on the way.

4. Durability and Practicality

Most backpacks are made for traveling, like a trekking bag or a duffel-style backpack, so they are intended for outdoor use. Therefore, they are constructed with durable and sturdy materials.

These materials are comfortable and long-lasting, and tough, thereby able to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Moreover, some backpacks come with suspension system technology, which makes them extremely easy and practical to carry for long distances. You can also easily avoid running your suitcase over people’s feet in a crowd if you are carrying a backpack.

5. Multi-purpose

You can use a backpack as a hiking bag, a gym bag, and even as a replacement for a hand-carry suitcase, making it a very versatile product. Moreover, backpacks help you save money because they increase mobility as compared to suitcases.

So, you can easily walk short distances without having to catch cans because you can lug your suitcase around.

Pros of Carrying a Suitcase Instead of a Backpack

1. Easier to Pack

Suitcases are designed to function practically when it comes to compact and easy packing, allowing easier access to your clothes and other travel essentials. It can be hard to organize and locate things in a backpack as compared to a suitcase.

2. Wheels

Suitcases can be easily rolled and lugged over smooth surfaces, making maneuverability on smooth surfaces easier. Therefore they are better for traveling in airports and train stations, with suitcase platforms and walkways.

If you prefer to fly often, suitcases are an excellent choice because the strapless design prevents your luggage from getting stuck in conveyor belts and aisles. Overhead bins in airplanes are also designed to accommodate suitcases, making your life easier.

3. Suitcases Prevent Injuries

Rolling your luggage requires far less effort and strength than carrying all the weight on your back. For longer trips requiring heavy packing, backpacks can be a nuisance and cause shoulder and back strains.

This can cause serious injuries and even poor posture if done for a prolonged time, which is not an issue with suitcases.

4. Prevent Your Clothes From Wrinkles

Suitcases are not worn on one’s back, so they don’t wear out your clothes, unlike the shoulder straps of backpacks do. Moreover, the more organized packing that suitcases allow ensures that the clothes you pack will retain their ironing and not get wrinkled.  ·        


These features and advantages of suitcases and backpacks will help you decide which one would be more suitable for the type of travel plans you have, the type of packer you are, and your personal traveling style.

You can also look for the different types of suitcases and backpacks to see which are most compatible with your travel needs.