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5 Gym Wear Essentials for Men

Gymming has emerged as one of the most desired activities in today's time. In an era where everyone has an innate desire to be fit and healthy,

it becomes all the more important to put greater emphasis on the gym clothes and accessories.

These include gym wear, bottles, bags, towels and several other products.

Believe it or not but the clothes you wear at the gym has a huge impact on your exercise routine. If you wear ugly ill-fitting gym clothes, you won't feel like exercising or even worse, somedays you won't even like to go to the gym only. 

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Below is a list of 5 essential gym wear that is so stylish and practical that you'll never skip a workout ever again: 


The importance of sweat resistant shirts in gym wear can never be underestimated. They keep you fresh and energetic.

The market today offers you a wide range of materials to choose from. This includes cotton, nylon, polyester, polypropylene etc.

Be careful about the material you choose. Do not opt for synthetic, low-priced shirts that give false promises of being sweat proof.

The reality is, they don't let air pass through and provide the body with an unpleasant odour, apart from getting wet and posing a hindrance to an active workout session.

A cotton or a polyester shirt will keep moisture away and keep you fresh right until you hit the showers. Also, they come in an array of intriguing designs that add to the visual charm and appeal.

Tight fit shirts will snug closely and modify your appearance.


Shorts play a big role in keeping the body safe. As a gym wear, shorts should be able to weigh you down.

Again, what material you choose is a crucial step in deciding the best gym wear.

Shorts which absorb sweat and provide proper ventilation are the best.

A sweat-absorbing short will ensure you don't slip during any exercise, which can often cause a bad injury and cause pain and distress.

Do not buy shorts that are very tight, as they will not give any room to the groin and can cause stretch injuries.

Preferably buy those shorts that provide mesh-side panelling for better breathing and ventilation. 


Nothing can be more embarrassing and frustrating for a gymmer than sticky, smelly feet.

They are not only a cause of concern for their wearer but also for his friends and family.

You must buy socks from hemysocks.com that don't get soaked up in sweat and are breathable.

Since treadmill is one of the most routinely used equipment in the gym, the load on the socks is greater than ever before.

Ensure that the socks are not too tight, else they can obstruct the blood flow the leg muscles and cause fatigue early.


Gym wear essentials are incomplete without proper shoes. They are the component that will be used up the most.

So, buy those shoes that have a longer life, are easy on the feet, and have a firm sole.

Many times, people take this part of gym wear lightly and suffer from ankle injuries, which are a source of excruciating pain and take a lot of time to recover.

Proper traction, cushion and support must be provided by the shoes you wear to the gym.


A study conducted by the Journal of Sports Sciences revealed that compression shorts are a very important part of gym wear.

They work on a simple mechanism- raising the boy temperature and thereby reducing the force of impact. In short, they enhance performance and keep your injury-free and your skin infection free. 

Thus, the 5 essentials of gym wear mentioned above will keep your energy levels elevated, prevent injuries and contribute to an overall increased performance.

They have now assumed even greater importance, due to the increasing global trend of keeping the body fit and healthy. And why not?

The age-old saying of "Health is wealth" can never be truer than now.

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 5 Gym Wear Essentials for Men