5 Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding
March 28, 2022

5 Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding

If you take a swing at planning a wedding and calculate the budget, you’ll notice that it can be super expensive. In most countries, it’s become a common custom that people pay for their wedding after they get married.

5 Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding 

This is the case because affordable wedding venues are quite rare, and there are a ton of other things you need to consider. So, we’re going to discuss 5 ways to save money on your wedding and have a stress-free celebration.

Hire a Professional

When we speak about wedding planners, we usually talk about how much they cost and what kind of wedding they can plan. It’s usually a medium-sized or larger wedding, and they can be quite expensive.

It’s only logical to think that you could plan the same type of wedding as the planner, and you can do it for less money. A very common mistake people make is doing everything themselves because they hope to save a few bucks.

However, a wedding planner can keep your budget in line more than you’d be able to. The right planner has the experience, and you can suggest the budget that they would work with. Here are the advantages:

  • Timesaving: You get the time you need to prepare yourself because the planner will work on other aspects of your wedding. You can focus on important stuff like picking your wedding rings.
  • Organization: We’ve already mentioned the budget, but it’s also about getting more time. Wedding planners know people that get things done, and they can arrange most things with a simple call.
  • Guidance and ideas: Wedding planners can act as guides and help bounce some ideas off you. This means that you’ll have some insight into what you can do differently, such as where the band is going to be located, what the door looks like, etc.
  • Help: This is the greatest advantage because you get help on your big day. Instead of having to think about what you’ll do next, you’ll have people telling you, and these people don’t have to be best men or bride’s maids.

DIY Wedding Video

This is another great way to save money on your wedding. The thing is that you can edit your own wedding video the way you’d like using something such as the iMovie for Windows alternative. With editing software such as this, you can add effects, put video pieces together, and much more.

5 Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding

It might not be the same as when a professional does it, but this way you can make the wedding video just like you imagined. If you’re looking to make a real DIY wedding video, you can tell some of your guests to record footage, and you’ll be able to:

  • Share the perspective: A DIY wedding video allows you to look at your wedding from the perspective of your guests. It’s an amazing experience because you can finally see the wedding through their eyes.
  • Make it personal: It’s your wedding video, so it needs to be personal. When it’s a DIY wedding video, it’s even more personal because you’re creating it and you’re editing it. Also, your dear ones will get to see your editing skills.
  • Change the perspective: Instead of getting the wedding video from one angle, you’ll have time to have multiple angles because multiple people will record simultaneously.
  • Share it: It’s much easier to share the video because you can immediately upload a copy to your drive and share the link. With a professional recording your video, you get a DVD or a drive with a format that isn’t shareable, and you have to convert it.

Tis the Wedding Season

Think about the season you’d like to get married in. Most people choose the season according to what they prefer. The mistake here is they should choose the season that’s cheaper because all of them are beautiful when it’s your wedding.

The warm days are in demand, and that’s why they’re much more expensive. Most people like to get married during spring because it’s not too hot and not too cold. However, the cheapest wedding is a winter wedding.

Winter weddings are weddings that fill up the calendar of your vendors during the months when almost nothing is happening. Another reason they’re cheaper is the food. There’s no need for special food, transportation, or storage because it’s cold outside.

DIY Wedding Decorations

Let’s see how this can save you money on your wedding day. First, the average price of flower decorations for the reception dinner tables is around $650. The bridal bouquet alone can range anywhere from $60 to $1000.

The arch you can have on the venue’s entrance costs $550 on average. So, it’s quite natural to assume that all these floral decorations are going to cost you a ton of money. However, not all decorations are flowers. There are mirrors, candles, wedding cake stands, etc.

To save money here, you really need to go out of your way. That’s why opting for decorations you make yourself is not a simple choice at all. If you do this, you have the potential to save a lot of money.

However, it might be best if you get more brainpower on the matter. Brainstorm ideas with your friends, and try to come up with effective solutions. Also, you’ll need to test a few ideas. You don’t want the wedding to be your first attempt at DIY wedding decorations.

DIY Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations are something you must have. If not to invite people to your wedding, then for it to serve as memorabilia to your loved ones. You can always send out an email, but it’s not something you’ll cherish, and it’s not something you’ll be proud of.

5 Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding

So, instead of using generic wedding invitations, use the ones that you make yourself. DIY wedding invitations have a huge potential to save you some money. However, there are other reasons to make them yourself:

  • Personal design: You can make the invitations just the way you’d like them to be, and this contributes to the uniqueness factor of your wedding. So, this boosts originality.
  • Quality control: Print shops often decide on the material based on the price you’re willing to pay, and it’s commonly a cheap material. Making your wedding invitation lets you decide the quality of the material and the price.
  • Budget flexibility: If you want a better invitation with better quality, you can always put a bit more into it, and you can cut the budget on something else, like the flowers. Flexibility is quite important for saving money.


These are five great ways to save money on your wedding. Making DIY wedding invitations, DIY decorations, and a DIY wedding video takes a toll on your time, but it’s a lot cheaper than hiring people to do it.

However, you can always have a wedding planner plan your wedding budget. This can be a cheaper alternative to DIY sometimes. If you're in South Florida, here is a list of best wedding planners in Miami to choose from. Finally, no matter what you choose, just remember that it’s your special day, so enjoy it.