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Why Choose New Orleans as Your Winter Wedding Venue?

Weddings in the winter are fantastic. Your wedding budget will be able to stretch much further during the winter months, you'll have a higher chance of getting your dream location and vendors, and your guests won't be suffering from wedding burnout—so they'll be eager to party!

Anyone getting married in New Orleans may have a sophisticated, traditional, and FUN wedding, whether they are a local or having a destination wedding. Because New Orleans' summers may be oppressively hot, the best time to get married there is in the spring or winter, when the weather is milder.

If you've decided to be married, whether you're a local or planning a destination wedding, you're probably looking for innovative ways to make your New Orleans winter wedding a fairytale. Below are some factors you should consider while planning your big day. 

Pleasant Temperature

The temperature of New Orleans in December and January varies between 7-18 degrees celsius.  It is not freezing but can be very pleasant during the daytime. The temperature in February-March is also very pleasant as it warms up, but there are a lot of tourists visiting the place, making the streets and parks crowded. Maybe you would not like the crowd and wish to have some quality time with your spouse far from the maddening crowd.

Outdoor Parties

The mild and pleasant weather of Now Orleans makes it ideal for planning outdoor parties. You need not worry about wearing heavy winter dresses, especially when planning to wear a vintage gown on your wedding day. In early winter, the gardens of New Orleans grow colorful camellias and azaleas, making the place quite romantic.

Music and Dance

New Orleans boasts of a jazz and blues culture of its own. You may plan to hire a band for your evening wedding party. There's nothing like witnessing a couple's face light up with joy as their friends and family join them on the dance floor. The bride and groom's first dance music should be particular to them. It does not have to be classically romantic, as long as it has sentimental meaning. If couples are stumped for ideas, there are a plethora of options available online, ranging from the traditional to the quirky and contemporary.

Wedding Party Venue and Floral Decoration

There are many restaurants housed in old buildings with classic architecture.  These places can serve as picture-perfect venues for your special day. These places are so beautiful that you may not need to spend a lot of money to decorate them. However, you may think of decorating the wedding venue with lots of floral designs. Flowers of quite wide varieties are available: Roses, Jasmine, Forget-me-nots, Camellias, Narcissus, and many others. You may also opt for classic white and ivory decorations. 

Boat Trips

Another choice for you in winter is going on a boat trip with family and friends.  This can be a different joyful experience. The cruise along the Mississippi River can be very memorable and romantic. Rowing boats are available if you want to get away from the party and be alone with your spouse in the evening twilight. Get onboard a Paddle-wheeler and enjoy creole food and jazz music while escaping from the party crowd.

Food and Drinks

The city is famous for its unique food and drinks. You can surprise your guests with mouth-watering local dishes. Some of the exquisite food of the country are available in New Orleans. They range from Gumbo, Crawfish Etouffe, Muffaletta, Po-Boys, to Pralines. The food experience in New Orleans is very exclusive. New Orleans is famous for its traditional cocktails, from old-style brandy milk punch to chicory coffee and cognac. 

Parading the Streets

You may plan your wedding ceremony in one of many mid-century European-style courtyards complete with a log-wood fireplace. This is perfect for a winter evening in New Orleans. After saying 'I do,' you may think walking along the streets lined with trees and flowerbeds. Proceed towards the lounge, where you have arrangements for dinner, drinks, dance, and music. The color and vibe are sure to make the event memorable and romantic.

Destination Wedding

If you are from elsewhere and do not know much about the right choices in New Orleans, engage a local vendor. Some reputable vendors can help you plan and execute a perfect wedding in New Orleans. They offer several options on venues, decoration, accommodations, food,  music, etc. Choose one from many that suit your taste and budget.

Wedding Packages

There are many venues in New Orleans which offer all-inclusive wedding packages. There are basic packages, but they offer perks above the basics. They offer both indoor and outdoor locations for different events, decoration, catering services. If you want food and drinks from outside, some venues can provide a list of choices. Choose or customize the package that suits your plan and budget. This is the best way to avoid the hassles that come with planning and arranging all events and items on your wedding day.

The Legal Stuff

You need a marriage certificate in New Orleans.  Generally, 24 hours is required to process a certificate. Your wedding planner can guide you on this. In some areas, you would require permits for music bands and photography. Obtaining the permit is no big deal. Your wedding planner can arrange for all the legal matters.

Final Thoughts

When you're getting ready for your wedding, it's easy to feel overwhelmed by all of the decisions you'll have to make, the most important of which is where to hold it. Apart from venues, you need to get your hair, makeup, grooming, and even go g on a balanced diet and a million other things to guarantee you look your best.

The personal satisfaction that your wedding venue provides you and your bride/groom is the most significant aspect of it. Nothing beats walking into your wedding venue and knowing you've picked the most gorgeous, unforgettable location for you and your partner to tie the knot. Considering all of the above factors, New Orleans can be the best option for your dream wedding venue.