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5 Ways to Make Hosting a Party Easy

If you’ve ever hosted a party before, you know that it can be pretty tough. But it isn’t just tough to organize, as it’s also pretty tough as you’re actually running the party and your guests have made it to your home or the designated location. So are there any feasible ways to make hosting a party a little easier on you? I mean, the host wants to be able to have a good time too.

What makes organizing the party a little bit easier? How do you allay disaster during the party itself? If you run of out booze for everyone, are you going to have to desperately run to that “liquor store near me” or buy gin gift packs online that you’re obviously searching for? But what if you’re a little too tipsy? Or what if you don’t trust anyone to keep your home from being torn apart while you’re gone?

All of these questions are answerable, and it can be easier to host than you might think. So if you’re interested in answering these questions before hosting your next party, then read ahead to figure out what steps you can take to make your hosting job a little bit easier on you.

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You Can Get Alcohol Delivered to You

Instead of needing to head out to that “liquor store near me” while you’re in the middle of planning, or even if you’re in the middle of the party that’s well underway, you can be a little bit easier on yourself. How can you avoid going out to that “liquor store near me?”

You can get your alcohol delivered to you, and even schedule alcohol to be delivered to you at different points during the night. I know that I’d rather not go through all of the hassle of going to the liquor store near me in order to load up on booze, as physically looking for different drinks and taking them home can be a pretty overwhelming and timesucking activity in planning.

Additionally, the liquor store near me doesn’t have all of the particular kinds of alcohol that I want to stock up a party with, although it does have a few. Instead of needing to go to multiple stores for booze, getting alcohol delivered to you shortens the list of errands that you need to actually complete while you’re planning out your party.

And if you run out of booze at any point during the party, getting alcohol delivered to you can help you make the safest possible decision. Instead of needing to head out to the “liquor store near me” while you’re too tipsy for it to be legal or safe, you’ll be able to get the alcohol sent to you in a way that is far safer for everyone.

Make Cleaning Up Easier on You

It’s also a great idea to make cleaning up after the party as easy for you as you possibly can.

This is going to be the case whether you decide to clean up before you head to bed and after everyone has already headed home, or if you choose to clean after you’ve rested and woken up in the morning (of course, the latter of these is only going to be possible if you’re hosting from your home). But how do you do that?

You can do that by making some decisions regarding the set up and decoration of your venue upfront. For example, if you’re setting up your home, you might make the decision to have drinks only in spaces where it’s easier to clean and away from any carpeting. That way, people are less likely to accidentally spill drinks in places that are tougher to clean.

Additionally, you can put table cloths on each of the surfaces that people might be so inclined to put their drinks on, including tables, counters, and shelves. That way, you can collect all of the crumbs and empty cups in one swift grab, rather than needing to pick up everything by hand.

Something nice to consider also is cleaning up as the party progresses. If you notice any empty beer cans, cups, or bottles of liquor, you can trash them immediately, for example. Or, if you see a spill or a mess of crumbs on the floor, you can choose to sweep or wipe up immediately instead of waiting around.

Get a Designated Assistant or Helper

Whether it’s a person who’s at the party or not, it might be helpful if you can have a sort of co-host available to help you as the event progresses. What might this look like?

Instead of shouldering all of the responsibilities yourself, you can have another person that helps with decorating, clean-up, or other small tasks that may pop up while you’re planning. They might also be the person designated to get extra alcohol if you happen to run out during the course of the night.

Regardless of the tasks that this other person is responsible for, knowing that you don’t have to deal with all of the responsibilities alone is only going to make it easier for you to actually enjoy the party yourself. It’s great if you’re the host but also able to have a good time, as that isn’t always as easily accomplished as one might hope.