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5 Tips for Saving Money on Car Shipping Costs

Most people may think that the best way to save on the cost of car shipping is to travel by car whenever they need to go or to fly to pick up a car. This is true for short distances. However, when it comes to interstate moving or other long-distance transportation situations, the story is different. When you factor in the cost of lodging, fuel refills, and the stress of driving, doing it yourself might not be so affordable. For these and more reasons, many people go for car shipping companies because they offer outstanding services.

However, not all these shipping companies come cheap, especially if you want premium services. The good news is that you have numerous companies to choose from. Do your best to find out as much as you can about the shipping companies around you and what they have to offer. Proper research will help you save money and get the best services from a reputable shipping company.

Shop for Quotes

Shopping for car shipping quotes online will help you find numerous shipping companies and get a great deal. However, you must do your research on each company, read their reviews, and establish if they are reputable and reliable.

Once you choose a company, do your best to negotiate and bring down the cost. However, don’t look for dirt cheap quotes. The company might use inexperienced drivers, have poor customer service, or skimp out on insurance.

In your search for the best quotes, you should get an idea of the industry rate for shipping your car. With this knowledge, you can tell the companies that are offering affordable services from the ones that are pricing too high or suspiciously low. Most companies consider a car’s weight, size, location, and other factors to determine how much it will cost to ship it. This method is transparent and helpful, especially to people shipping for the first time. Here are a few more things to consider when you’re looking to save money on shipping a car.

Choose Open Transport

The majority of transport companies offer closed and open transport. While closed transport encloses your car entirely and protects it from external elements, most people opt for open transport because it is cost-effective. Discover valuable tips for saving money on car shipping costs, including exploring local options with auto transport near you services, ensuring a cost-effective and convenient solution for transporting your vehicle.

Terminal to Terminal Transportation

Your pick-up and delivery locations factor into prices. If you are within 50 miles of a pick-up or delivery terminal, you can opt to have your car be shipped to and from there for a lower cost. Door-to-door service may be tempting, but you will pay extra for the convenience.

But be mindful that terminals charge for storage before and after shipping. Most terminals are also unguarded, which makes your car vulnerable to theft and damage.

Flexibility of Timeline

If you have ever shopped for cheap airline flights, then you know about the importance of flexibility. Being flexible on the pick-up and drop-off dates of your car will help you get affordable prices. The company will pick up or drop off your car on days that make logistical sense to them. Ask your car shipping company about discounts for shipping dates flexibility.


In the car shipping industry, prices fluctuate to match market demand. During warmer seasons, many people relocate and need their cars transported. From the beginning of summer until the end of fall, prices are quite high.

Off-peak seasons are the best times to transport your car, or ship from Canada to US. Winter is a low season, but this depends on your location. If you are in the northern states, some routes will have higher prices in winter due to weather conditions.

Certain routes have their own high and low seasons. Shipping from the Northeast or Midwest during the fall and spring seasons will also be expensive. This is because “snowbird” retirees move to warmer climates during winter and back during summer.

There are many other ways to save on shipping costs. However, these five tips will get you well on your way to saving money.