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5 Psychological Tricks That Can Make Your Life Better

Communicating with numerous people daily is strenuous for everyone, and even communicating with a limited number of people can be tiresome. Thus, it is crucial that you learn various psychological tricks that will help your life to run more smoothly. These tips are not to be confused with ways in which you can manipulate other people into achieving your desires, they are simply an easy and efficient means of improving your overall communication skills and your interpersonal relationships with others by proxy.

Top down processing is a great means of processing new information and ensuring that you remain present enough to analyze the situation appropriately. This article also outlines other psychological tricks you can implement to improve your life. These include the following:

1) Look Directly Into Someone’s Eyes When You Receive An Unpleasant or Dissatisfactory Answer

If you do not like the answer to any question that you have asked or you do not understand their response, you should look into the eyes of the person who has asked the question. This will make them feel under pressure to elaborate on their response, providing you with more clarity inherently.

2) Stay As Calm As Possible Whenever Someone Raises Their Voice To You

If you make a conscientious effort to remain calm when someone is shouting at you, you will always gain the upper hand. While our behaviors can provoke these responses in others, their feelings of anger normally subside and they will feel guilty if you have remained calm the entire time. They will also usually ask for your forgiveness thereafter as it is them that has lost their composure.

3) Stay Close To The Aggressor To Avert Attack

If you are aware that you will be in the presence of an aggressor, and have an awareness that the discussion between you may become heated, you should make a point of positioning yourself near to the aggressive person. While this may seem counterproductive and you may feel uncomfortable in doing this, you will not be alone. Close proximity is renowned for making others feel uncomfortable which may inherently reduce the amount of aggression that they plan to exert.

4) Remember Other People’s Names To Be More Charismatic

If you wish to become well-liked by your peers, then you should try to remember their names and call them by their first names whenever you are talking to them. A person will feel recognized and more special if you remember their name when in discussion with them.

5) Note Down Your Thoughts Whenever You Are Anxious or Stressed

At some level, we all experience anxiety or stress. However, you should note these thoughts down in a journal prior to closing it. This will help you to focus on your daily work as you will have talked through your thoughts with another human being. Whenever you have shared these thoughts, you will feel the overwhelming burden of stress reduce and your mind will clear inherently.

Some Other Psychological Tricks

- If you believe that a person does not like you, ask them to borrow an item like a pencil or pen and observe their reaction.

- If you are unable to remove a song from your head, try to remember the end of the song and see what happens.

- If you need assistance when you are carrying something, you should try to talk to the person who is helping you before handing them any item to carry. They will be unlikely to realize that you are handing them something to carry and will take it by proxy. 

- Whenever you are introducing yourself to someone, you should make note of their eye color. This is the best technique in order to achieve the maximum amount of eye contact. People will assume that you are confident and friendly inherently.


To conclude, this article has outlined numerous psychological tips and tricks that you can implement in order to improve your daily lifestyle. If you begin to implement these tricks in your day-to-day existence, you are far more likely to have a clear mind and to work more efficiently. You will also become more personable to others and be able to observe situations more objectively and clearly.

All of the tips outlined in this article are not intended to be used in order to manipulate others for your own personal gain. However, you can drastically improve your life chances by implementing the tips that I have outlined. I hope that you have found this article to be insightful and informative. Thank you for reading.