3 Ways to Celebrate Your 30th Birthday!
May 31, 2022

3 Ways to Celebrate Your 30th Birthday!

Goodbye twenties, hello thirties! As you approach your 30th birthday, it’s time to set your intentions for the next chapter of your adult life. This is a big moment for you. It’s important to think about the goals you want to accomplish as well as the type of person you want to become. Your birthday celebration should represent those goals and characteristics.

Your 30th birthday is the perfect opportunity to kick off the next decade with class, sophistication and good vibes. Here are a few ways to spend this milestone birthday and set yourself up for success. You’ll be on the path to maturity, health and success in no time with these tips!

Celebrate Your 30th Birthday
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1. Set the Tone with a Sober Celebration — Make it a birthday celebration to remember (literally) by planning a sober party. There’s no better way to set the tone for the new healthy and sophisticated you in this upcoming decade of your life. Separate the youth of your twenties from the more responsible, grown-up thirties with a party that everyone can feel good at. No hangovers or safety concerns to worry about here.

The key is to use the best alcohol-free red wine on the market that tastes so good, you won’t even notice a difference — until the next morning of course, when you wake up sans hangover. Non-alcoholic wines and drinks like delicious mocktails or alcohol-free IPA craft beers are adult party essentials when throwing a sober, classy gathering.

You’ll be able to wake up on your first day of being 30 and get after those health, fitness and career goals without missing out on the classic drink flavors you’ve grown to love. Taking care of yourself while still having a great time is what separates your younger years from your new, fully adult years.

Celebrate Your 30th Birthday

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2. Make It Family-Friendly for Everyone to Join — The second tip to celebrate your big day is in a way that welcomes all of your loved ones and friends, regardless of their lifestyle choices. Friends with kids, fitness-obsessed friends and friends with demanding careers — they all need something less crazy and a little more relaxed.

A day time backyard party, early evening dinner or Sunday morning brunch are all inviting, family-friendly style get-togethers that everyone can attend. Your friends with kids will appreciate you even more if you make it an outdoor party so they can relax knowing there are fewer breakable things nearby. Throw in some refreshments everyone can enjoy like non-alcoholic rosé, and you’ll have the perfectly comfortable and loving atmosphere for all.

These days, millennials are having kids slightly later in life in comparison to previous generations. However, even with that being the case, recent studies put the average age for first-time mothers at 26 and first-time fathers at 31. Which means, if you're turning 30, then there’s a high chance some of your friends have kids. So why not make it a soirée everyone can attend?

Invite everyone on your list and surround yourself with love on your 30th birthday by making it family-friendly.

Celebrate Your 30th Birthday

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3. Focus the Celebration Around an Activity — The birthday celebrations of your twenties probably didn’t require much: Some late night dinner reservations and a club or two, and you were set.

As you turn 30, activities and experiences may be a little more effort to put together but they’re well worth it and enrich the event. Plus, they are the perfect type of party for bonding with your loved ones and turning up the fun for everyone there. This birthday, focus the celebration around a fun, new and exciting activity that your guests will enjoy.

Whether it is axe throwing, board games, laser tag, lawn games, paint night or another type of activity — a game or task creates an atmosphere that promotes inclusion, facilitates conversation and proves you can have fun more ways than just drinking or clubbing out on the town. A competition or game is also more reason to have a sober celebration so you can stay sharp and take home the memories along with the W.

In conclusion, your thirties are here and they deserve a new way to celebrate. The kick-off to this new era in your life should be remembered and emphasized as the start of the new adult you. Try throwing a family-friendly, sober celebration that is comfortable for everyone and anyone on your guest list. You’ll get to celebrate surrounded by your loved ones, and they’ll get to go home safe, not to mention feeling good.

A birthday celebration to bring in the big 3-0 should stand out from the haphazard birthday parties of your younger years. An alcohol-free, activity-centered event is an elegant and downright fun way to set yourself up to becoming the new you. Have a happy and responsible birthday!