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10 Ways To Celebrate Your Loved One’s Birthday

10 Ways To Celebrate Your Loved One’s Birthday


Birthdays are special. But as we grow up and life gets to us, we no longer have the time or energy to arrange extravagant parties and celebrations. While many end up feeling guilty for that, there is simply no need to. There are many simple ways to celebrate your loved one’s birthday without breaking the bank or your energy reserves. Listed below are ten such ideas. 

  1. Wine and chocolates

Perhaps one of the most classic birthday gifts is wine and chocolate. This is an especially great gift for your partner to spend a wonderful evening with them. The best part is that you can customise this fit with chocolates and wines that your partner loves.  

  1. Write a card or letter

Something as simple and classic as writing a letter or a card can put a smile on your loved one’s face. A personalised, handmade, and handwritten card or letter shows the effort you have put in and your love for them with ease. 

  1. DIY drink topper

If your loved one loves their beverages, make their favourite drink for their birthday and add in your handmade topper for their drinking vessel. This can contain birthday wishes or any other message you want to convey to them. Suffice to say; this can make their day.  

  1. The classic bouquet

There is nothing quite as classic as a flower arrangement or bouquet. Get all your loved one’s favourite flowers in one bouquet and surprise them at their work. Add in a few chocolates and a small cake, and you have a wonderful birthday gift.  

  1. Get their favourite food

Is your loved one a foodie? The best gift you can give them is to make all their favourite dishes. If you are not a good cook, you can always order food from their preferred restaurants for any or every meal of the day. 

  1. Surprise them with balloons

It is true; everyone has a child in them. As such, balloons are something that fascinates us in our adulthood just as much as they did in our childhood. So, surprise your loved one with a custom balloon and attach a card on their doorknob or on a desk chair.

  1. Birthday toilet paper  

Do you want to give a funny surprise your loved one will not forget? Get printed toilet papers and sneak into their bathroom. Fix the roll in and wait for their reaction as they discover the surprise.  

  1. Perform their favourite song

Does your loved one love your singing or instrumental performance? On this birthday, your gift for them can be performing their all-time favourite song. A bonus would be creating a mix of you covering all their favourite songs. They are sure to love it!

  1. Give them a gift card

When all else fails, and you have no idea what to choose, give your loved one the option to choose their own gift. Give the gift card of their favourite retail outlet and let them find the perfect item for themselves.  

  1. Get them a tiara or sash

Who doesn’t love to feel special on their birthdays? Put the spotlight on them by celebrating their birthday with a tiara or sash. Create a customised one for their birthday, and they are bound to feel like a princess. 


Choosing birthday gifts can be a great task when you feel like you need to give something grand. But sometimes, it is as simple as making the birthday boy or girl happy and feels loved. You can easily do this with the simplest of gifts like gift cards and surprises.