Why Men Should Consider Wearing a Pinstripe Suit to Wedding Occasions
August 15, 2022

Why Men Should Consider Wearing a Pinstripe Suit to Wedding Occasions

Pinstripe Suit

Picking an outfit for formal occasions, like a wedding, can be exhausting. You never really know what works best. But don't feel overwhelmed, as this review will guide you through it.

The Flexsuits Pinstripe suits differ from typical suits as they are not just a simple pair of solid-colored pants and jacket. These suits have a very thin striped pattern on the trousers and jacket, as their name suggests.

A few decades back, men would wear a pinstripe suit only as formal wear to their offices, and pinstripes were often associated with bankers. Yep, your choice suit of choice would have reflected your profession at one point.

Today, however, it is perfectly acceptable to wear this classic suit to any occasion, weddings included. You can easily get one at many quality stores on the market.

Depending on the occasion, you can even switch things up a bit. If not dressing for formal events, dropping the tie works fine. T-shirts or turtlenecks can be worn rather than a dress shirt. Similarly, you could switch up your footwear, going for white sneakers instead of dress shoes, for instance.

So get ready to wear a pinstripe suit to a wedding!

Pinstripe Suits and their Variations


The color choice depends on you unless a dress code is to be followed or an occasion does not warrant a certain color. A dark suit or a light-colored suit is totally up to you.

Here are a few popular choices amongst men regarding pinstripe suits.

Black pinstripe suit

Ah, the classic black pinstripe suit. Black suits can pull off almost any look you want, which extends to their pinstripe variations. The stripes on these often resemble chalk stripes.

The usual off-the-rack option for dress shirts under a black pinstripe suit is white. However, any light-colored shirt does just as well. Similarly, you can style your look by wearing a tie of some lighter shade, light grey, for instance.

Black dress shoes would be the typical footwear pick for a black pinstripe suit, but brown ones certainly look just as good. Feel free to give them a try!

navy pinstripe suit

The navy pinstripe suit is somewhat a staple in pinstripe suits. Similar to a normal navy blue suit, these suits are great for formal wear or business occasions.

However, if you intend to wear a pinstripe suit to a wedding or similar occasion, navy pinstripe suits work perfectly too. A soft-colored shirt would help you stand out with this suit.

If you do not intend to stick to a subtle match of accessories, a bold colored tie paired with a similar pocket square can be worn with this suit. A sharp-looking pair of cufflinks are also a possibility.

Blue pinstripe suit

A blue-colored suit can never go wrong, and the same can be said about the blue pinstripe suit. The color gives less 'business' vibes than its navy counterpart. You can certainly fashion one of these at a wedding or formal occasion and pull it off just fine.

Choosing a dress shirt under your blue pinstripe suit is not that difficult either. A light-colored dress shirt works perfectly but choosing something high contrast will work too. Feel free to be creative with your accessories: pocket square, tie, and all.

white pinstripe suit

People tend to notice a white-colored fit regardless of the occasion. A white pinstripe suit is all the more a head turner.

Be subtle with your dressing, though. Light pinstripes will look perfectly okay; do not opt for pinstripes that stand out. Your dress shirt and accessories should also be subtle to match the suit's classic vibe.

A sharp-looking tie won't do much wrong if you feel a bit bold.

Gray pinstripe suit

A gray suit is never restricted to a single color since gray itself has many variations. You could opt for a light gray pinstripe suit or a charcoal suit, or a even darker variant.

Regardless, a grey pinstripe suit are comfortable suits to wear since the color's neutrality makes it an option for many occasions. Numerous variations of pinstripes work on these suits as well.

Darker shades are associated with formal wear, so charcoal gray is perfect for your business meetings. A lighter-colored outfit will certainly match the mood for a casual, fun occasion. Today's dressing pattern does not demand specific colors for occasions, so you stick to either striped pattern for wedding plans.

The essence is that wearing a pinstripe suit to weddings is totally in fashion! Do not think you are making the wrong choice.

Pinstripe Suit Styles

Double-breasted pinstripe suit

A double-breasted jacket is characteristic of the double-breasted pinstripe suit, paired with a regular pair of striped pants.

Such suits usually look better with darker colors like navy.

three piece pinstripe suit

Wearing a vest with your striped fit makes it look more formal. You can fashion this classic fit on business or formal occasions.

The Dos and Don'ts if you Wear a Pinstripe Suit

Certain details have to be kept in mind when wearing these striped suits. This includes the kind of shirt, dress shoes, and accessories you pick if you choose to wear a pinstripe suit. Most of these picks can vary depending on whether you are attending a fun or formal, business-related gathering.

Picking the right shirts can get challenging at times. A shirt in a lighter color works well with almost all pinstripe suits. A white shirt is an easy, go-to choose to wear with a pinstripe suit. Light blue or pink colored shirts work well too. A striped shirt, however, rarely looks well. Avoid such shirts when you wear a pinstripe suit, as having stripes all over your clothing may not look very catchy.

A black tie works well with almost any suit but wearing a black tie with your stripes will not complement them. A colorful tie or patterned tie will better complement your suit's stripes.

There's no need to get picky with your dress shoes, colors that work with your solid colors will work with the stripes too.

Wear a Pinstripe Suit to Weddings!

Pinstripe suits are just as good an option for a wedding fit as other suit variations. Don't overthink it and go for this good-looking and trendy pick. If you intend to get a new suit soon, it might as well be a pinstripe one!