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Wedding Season: Why You Should Choose Tungsten for Your Wedding Rings

There are few things in this world more stressful than planning a wedding. All those guests, all that food, finding music, and the cost add up quickly. Why add to that stress and cost by worrying about which wedding bands you will wear.

While the stereotypical choice for a wedding band is a precious metal like gold or silver, there are other options. Tungsten, for example, is cheaper but far more durable than gold.

Tungsten's full durability and malleability potential were realized during WWII. The material was used to create a whole host of weapons because of the ease with which it can be worked with and how durable and hard it is.

When it comes to something that will last and doesn't cause you to struggle with emptying your bank account for the rings or the reception, you can't go wrong with tungsten. 

Keep reading to discover why you should choose tungsten for your wedding bands today!


Tungsten by itself is already a harder metal than titanium. When combined with carbon to form Tungsten Carbide (which is what a tungsten wedding band is made of) and it is 3 to 5 times harder than titanium.

Carbon, however, is not the only substance that can be combined with tungsten. When combined with gold, platinum, or silver it can become up to 10 times stronger than the original metal it was combined with.

Because of this durability and strength, tungsten wedding rings are often chosen by men who work with their hands or in environments where their ring could become scratched or damaged.

Scratch Resistant

Because of their durability and strength, tungsten wedding rings are also scratch resistant. Whether you work with your hands a lot or not, there is always a chance of smacking your hand on something. And when wearing gold or other common metal wedding ring you just know there is a scratch now.

Even if you manage to avoid smacking your hand on anything the rest of your life, a precious metal ring will still fade over time. A tungsten wedding band will not fade, and because of its durability holds up better against normal wear and tear.


There are those individuals who are allergic to certain metals. Because of this, manufacturers will bind the ring with nickel. This helps to prevent allergic reactions from those who wear them.

Because of this tungsten wedding rings are often a great choice for those with allergies. By binding the tungsten with nickel to prevent allergic reactions it makes the ring hypoallergenic. Meaning it is less likely to cause an allergic reaction.


One of the greatest reasons to choose a tungsten wedding ring is because of its affordability. Most rings made of precious metal can be well into the thousands of dollars, even on the low range.

But because tungsten is not a precious metal and plentiful, it is cheaper. Even a high-end tungsten wedding ring is only going to be a few hundred dollars. A stark difference from the tens of thousands you can expect to spend on a gold or platinum wedding ring.


Tungsten provides a unique appearance not found in other precious metals used for wedding rings. Tungsten is typically available in white, gray, and black. This allows men to have a more masculine option if they wish. This opposed to the traditional shiny gold or silver wedding rings. 

Tungsten wedding rings can also be combined with various other materials that have etchings or engravings. This allows for the wedding ring to be unique and somewhat customizable. And even though this will raise the price slightly, it will still be more affordable than a customized unique gold or platinum ring.

Tungsten Wedding Rings

Tungsten wedding rings offer a variety of benefits to those looking for a more affordable and durable option. Tungsten wedding rings are far cheaper than their gold or silver counterparts, and when combined with carbon is 3 to 5 times stronger than gold.

The durability of the ring also helps it to prevent damage caused by normal wear and tear. Fading also isn't an issue when wearing tungsten. The metal will maintain its original shine for years to come.

When it comes to choosing a ring that lasts and doesn't drain your bank account tungsten is tough to beat. 

Wedding Season: Why You Should Choose Tungsten for Your Wedding Rings

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