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Travel in Style When Planning a Road Trip Adventure

Travelling can reduce men’s risk of death by about 21% and the mortality rate from cardiovascular disorders by 32%,  according to the Forbes Travel Guide.
Taking an annual road trip also gives you the freedom to not only explore vacation destinations but also take tons of selfies throughout the journey. So why not look great when taking photos in front of scenic views. Learn how to  stay stylish when planning your next trip on the road.
Travel in Style When Planning a Road Trip Adventure
Make a Statement with Your Vehicle Choice
Your  choice of vehicle speaks volumes about your personality; from attitude to fashion taste, relationship status, and level of responsibility. For example, if you drive an SUV, it is a sign, safety is your number one concern.
Driving an expensive sports car will get you the attention you need, but also be prepared for some negative opinions.  When  shopping for your next vehicle, ensure your selection matches your style. Plus, choose a car best suited for driving around your specific holiday destination. Hiring a limo is also a great idea. You can find some cool limos to hire from limo find
If you are traveling to California, for instance, renting a convertible to experience the thrill of driving along Route 1 is an excellent idea. Meanwhile, a SUV or Truck works better in cold-weather conditions. After all, choosing the right car means a never-ending feeling of excitement in front of and behind the wheel.
Pack Light, but Look Fashionable 
It is natural to assume  traveling light and maintaining a stylish look while driving on the open road is impossible. Planning a road trip without thinking about clothing is challenging enough.
However, you can dress well during your long-distance drive if you pack right. You only need to pick outfits in three coordinating colors. That way, you will have an easy time mixing and matching clothes for different occasions or even destinations. 
Stylists recommend packing a multipurpose blazer or jacket, a pair of slacks, and a wrinkle-free shirt. They are easy to pack without adding much weight to your traveling bag, and you can wear them for a change.
Also, go easy with shoes when driving long distances. A pair of sneakers and loafers are enough to keep you looking fashionable regardless of your destination.  
Going on a road trip is a fun opportunity to visit new sights and try new things. Chances are you will be too busy exploring places to keep up with your grooming routine.
Nonetheless, a fresh scent and stylish look will boost your confidence, which is essential for making the most of your trip.   
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Travel in Style