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fashion ebooks

5 Outfits That Will Make You Look Way Cooler


Way cooler? I know, I know the title is little weird. The idea of this simple tiny post is to explain that dressing well doesn't always mean dressing up.  

If you mix right pieces the right way you can look well dressed in your casual outfits too. Yes, even a smart chino short + a cool sweater outfit can set you apart from the crowd. And probably can help you gain more attention than the guy next to you wearing a suit.   

Or a ripped denim paired with a crisp white shirt with smart casual shoes can elevate your look immensely and help you look way cooler than the rest.   

Or throwing an unstructured blazer over a simple blue shirt and denim can help you stand you out like a guy who knows how to dress to impress.  

Or a simple navy long sleeve tee paired with a denim and cool slip-ons can help you turn heads wherever you go.  

So, you get the ideas, right? Remember the mantra here.  

Being Well Dressed Doesn;t Mean Dressing Up. 

Looking cool is not easy. You have to plan your outfits in a way that compliments you. 

So what exactly does it take to create an outfit that makes people turn their heads and gaze upon your cool look? There's this one fashion blogger you can look up to get inspired. 

Today we've curated 5 outfits from this fashion blogger's Instagram page for you. Outfits are simple, easy to put together and sure shot way to look way cooler. 

So, get ready to turn some heads when you walk out the door next time. 

Scroll below to check out 5 outfits that will make you look way cooler. 


Cool Street Style For Men


Cool Street Style For Men


Cool Street Style For Men

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Cool Street Style For Men


Cool Street Style For Men

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fashion ebooks

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  • Jack

    3rd photo is the best. He looks far better clean shaven and with slicked back hair. Oval face shape so a fringe really doesn’t suit him. He looks great in long sleeve shirts though, an excellent figure for dress shirts and suits. Very attractive man

  • Ego

    What Ego?

  • black people


  • John

    Wat Geo?

  • Geo

    You know what’s cool? Spelling a three letter word like way correctly.

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fashion ebooks

fashion ebooks

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