The Ultimate Man’s Guide To A Trendy 2019 Wedding
June 10, 2019

The Ultimate Man’s Guide To A Trendy 2019 Wedding

If you’re going to spend nearly $1,000 on just your suit, you’re going to want to do it well. The 2019 wedding trends are all about individuality and expressing yourself, which means it’s time to put the Armani suit in the closet for that next business meeting and swop it for a colourful ensemble from designers such as Sabyasachi.

Rich and vibrant tones for the cooler seasons and fun and flirty ones for the warmer ones allow you and your loved one to make a splash on the big day.

2019 is all about embracing your individuality and roots while modernizing traditions slightly to align more with the couple’s wishes.

This Is The Time To Embrace Floral

Florals are everywhere from bridal dresses to table decorations, wall treatments, and table settings. For the groom, there is no reason to shrink back and remain austere in plain solid colors.

Instead, textured floral brocade will show off well against start cotton or silk, which makes it the ideal choice of fabric for a suit. If you’re not too happy to dedicate an entire garment to a floral arrangement, perhaps just a tie, bowtie, or cravat to keep within the theme.

This is also the time to consider texture, which also happens to be a major wedding trend this year. Play off different textures by layering them, for instance, choose different textures for your suit, waistcoat, and shirt.

A Combination Of The Elements

While Tungsten rings made a splash in 2018, combination and natural rings are hot property in 2019. Stainless steel and brushed gold or rose gold and platinum are some of the options, while wedding rings made of wood are also becoming increasingly popular.

For grooms, a surprising addition to the lineup has to be the inclusion of diamonds, as these were considered a girl’s best friend. In a groom’s wedding band, however, a diamond represents status, sophistication, and longevity. Pair this up with a modern metal look and grooms finally have a ring that becomes a topic of discussion.

It’s Advisable To Be Well Shod

It’s well-known that shoes can either make or break an outfit, and after investing hours into fittings and measurements, you want to complete the look. For men, the classic brogue is always a winner but it - and the straightforward formal shoe - aren’t the only options available.

There are, however, a few rules to follow such as pairing up brown shoes with blue suits and loafers with less formal weddings such as summer beach weddings. Grooms are recommended to only show a bit of ankle at summer weddings, and rather pair up their winter wedding with lace-up boots if they’re not too comfortable with socks showing while keeping the length of the pants fashionable.

Other shoes such as sandals, thongs, slip-ons, canvas shoes, and takkies should only be considered if it keeps with the theme of the wedding.

A wedding is a special event where you get to put your best foot forward. These memories will last you a lifetime and thanks to the professional photographer you’re going to hire, you’re going to want to look the part.

The Ultimate Man’s Guide To A Trendy 2019 Wedding