January 25, 2023


In recent years, cargo pants, traditionally worn for working outside and other outdoor activities, have emerged as a trendy option for men's everyday clothing. Cargo pants can now be styled in a wide variety of contemporary fashions, besides other factors, thanks to the introduction of updated cuts and the development of new materials. In this article, we will discuss how to choose men's cargo pants in a way that is both fashionable and functional. We'll show you how to make cargo pants work for you.


Who Invented Cargo Pants?

In the 1930s, when British soldiers wanted pants that were both practical and long-lasting for their duties in the field, someone came up with the idea for cargo pants. Thanks to various pockets, soldiers could carry all their vital equipment, including maps and first aid supplies. It is still being determined who exactly invented cargo pants, sometimes referred to as combat pants or combats for short. Nonetheless, it is widely acknowledged that the United States military was responsible for their further evolution in order to satisfy the requirements of troopers serving in the field.

When Were Cargo Pants In Fashion?

Cargo pants have been making their way through the fashion world and have been present in pop culture for most of the 20th century. Initially, they emerged as an element of army clothing bought in military surplus stores, masculine mens pants known for their useful pockets for carrying everyday items but also their edgy appearance. Soon, however, new models emerged on the actual catwalks, emphasizing military features that were more aesthetic than practical.

Cargo pants became a prevalent fashion choice in the 1990s as a comfortable and practical alternative to traditional denim jeans, popularized by the grunge and hip-hop fashion scenes. Both men and women wore them as a versatile, fashionable option, often paired with other popular 90s trends such as oversized T-shirts, flannel shirts, and chunky sneakers. However, they fell out of fashion in the early 2000s, perceived as too baggy and... unfashionable. In recent years, cargo pants are making a massive comeback, with many designers and fashion influencers featuring them again in their collections and outfits.          

HOW TO STYLE MEN'S CARGO PANTS                     

Are Cargo Pants Back In Style And Why?

The adaptability of cargo pants is one factor contributing to the trend's recent resurgence. Because they are both comfortable and usable, cargo pants are an excellent option for day-to-day clothing. They have many pockets so men can easily transport the things they need for their daily lives. But usability aside, they are also a fantastic style statement. They are versatile and can be easily dressed up or down according to the situation, which makes them an excellent purchase overall.

How Cargo Pants Should Fit (Loose Or Tailored Fit)

Cargo pants were originally designed as workwear and are meant to fit in a loose and relaxed manner. Simple and easy to wear, ultra baggy, low-waisted cargos are brilliant for making a bold fashion statement. Yet, they might not be suitable for every body type as they make one appear fuller and shorter. It's best to pick your cargo pants based on your body type, and if you're planning to invest in just one pair, consider a neutral colour. Black, grey and earthy tones like green and beige are ideal and will make your cargos go with anything.

Slim-fit cargo pants are a modern take on the baggy combats of the 1990s, providing a balance between casual and formal style without losing the rugged appeal of their predecessors. Unlike the originals, these can be worn for a variety of occasions. Ideal for casual daytime, fitted combat pants are now an accepted alternative if you're looking for something to wear on an informal night out. Remember, however, that cargos too tight or slim-fitting may cause the side pockets to bulge out when filled, which is not a desirable appearance.


Which Cargo Pants Are Best?

There is no one pair of ideal cargo pants. Each will be determined by one's specific needs and tastes. Comfort factor and functionality are important, of course, and utility pockets that run down the legs are not only handy, but they are also the perfect homage to the classic outfits of the late 1990s.

When choosing a pair of streetwear cargo pants for your wardrobe, it's crucial to pick a style that suits your personal taste. If you're drawn to high-end, ultra-modern street fashion, black, asymmetrical cargo pants would complement your style. On the other hand, if you lean towards a classic, skate-inspired streetwear look, a conventional pair that emphasizes a heavy utility style would be a better fit.

An update on the classic cargo pants style, cargo joggers are a comfy and practical option. Ideal men's loungewear, these are typically made with fleece or cotton materials. There are several variations within this style: some offer a slimmer silhouette, while others draw from the traditional, bulky outline of the classic combat pants.

Where To Buy Cargo Pants?

There is a wide variety of styles, colors, and fabrics available nowadays, which makes cargo pants a fashionable option for a lot of individuals. Fortunately, they are now widely available at many high street shops, so it is easy to find a pair that suits your individual style. These can be found at department stores, clothing retailers, and online merchants too. Additionally, authentic and vintage military-style cargo pants can be found at military surplus stores, which is another less expensive option to consider.


Why Cargo Pants so popular?

People are always looking for an alternative in clothing that is not only comfortable and convenient but also stylish. A number of fashion influencers, celebrities, and designers have been spotted out and about wearing cargo pants, which has helped propel the trend forward. Over the past few years, they have only gained in popularity, and now they are widely regarded as an indispensable component of every wardrobe.

The versatility and usefulness of cargo pants have contributed to the popularity of this style. They are fantastic options for day-to-day wear, as well as for activities in the great outdoors and even more formal settings. Also, their longevity makes them an excellent financial investment. In addition, not only do cargo pants provide an easy and quick way to transport all of your things thanks to the many pockets that they have, these very pockets will elevate your style.