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The Changing Era of Suits and What's in Style Now?

There used to be a time when suit meant just a couple different styles and colors. And as anyone reading this probably knows, it used to be mostly all about black.

Not that black is not a dominating color for suits even today, but it used to be pretty much everything back in the day. Perhaps with some room for the grey color as well.

Classic and Nothing Else!

While we just discussed a bit about how you wouldn’t find many different colors for suits a few decades back, the styles were probably even fewer. The traditional classic style was pretty much it, although it was comfortable and a perfect fit for formal use.

But over time, many different styles were introduced, and now we have a fairly wide range of suits, including some types that work just as good for casual wear as for formal use.

Similarly, you now have blue, brown, red and plenty of other colors that are a lot more common today than they used to be in the era of classic black suits.

Different Types and Styles of Suits

The range of choice and variations with modern suits have increased manifold than what we used to have a few years back. You have much more to choose from than just the classic suit type and black color these days, with some of them being surprisingly versatile to fit the bill at both business events and casual occasions.

So let’s walk you through some of the common modern suit types and what they bring to the table.

Slim Fit

A slim fit suit is one of the most popular modern suit styles. The basic idea of a slim fit is to take away all the excess fabric so that you can get a sleek, stylish look.

However, it doesn’t mean it’s only for men with an athletic body. These suits are made in a way that they can fit most men just as well, though you do need to be very careful with the size you choose as the fitting needs to be perfect to avoid a messed-up look.

Similarly, the right kind of slim fit suits wouldn’t make you feel uncomfortable either. They offer enough breathability to make it a comfortable outfit during summers as well.

As you can tell, a slim fit suit is a great choice for casual events, although they are not the favorite when it comes to something like your business meetings.

Modern Fit

If you think you’re not ready to go for the slim fit but still want to get the kind of sophisticated look it offers, then a modern fit suit would probably be your best bet.

It’s an excellent balance between a slim fit and the traditional classic fit suit, and if you know how it wear it right, it may actually turn out to be more versatile for you than even the slim fit. Yes, a modern fit suit, with the right accessories and styling, can work extremely well for both casual and formal wear.

In addition, it’s usually also more comfortable, depending on your body type. Similarly, there’s also a bit more room with a modern fit suit when it comes to the overall styling.


Now, pinstripe is actually one of the oldest types of suits you will ever find, but the reason we are discussing it as one of the modern suit ideas that are in style now is because of the newer variations of the pinstripe suit.

Unlike like a couple decades back, pinstripe suits now come in different styles of their own, and they are one of the best ways to make a statement. Depending on the type you choose, they can be a great fit for both casual and formal events, although they are much commonly donned at boardrooms than cocktail parties.

A pinstripe suit has a distinct identity with its stripes that run across the entire fabric of the suit, making it immediately stand out from the crowd. That said, it’s definitely not an everyday suit and needs to be reserved for special events.

Single Breasted Suit

While single breasted suit is one of the most common types of suit you will find today, especially for professional wear, it still has a style of its own.

These suits up to three buttons on either side, which makes them easily recognizable. Despite being common, they offer a unique look similar to a slim fit suit, while also being comfortable to your body.

These suits usually come coupled with a notched lapel, which adds to their aesthetic appeal.

There are different styling rules with a single breasted suit depending on the number of buttons on it. Without going into all the details, let us just tell you that the lower button on a single breasted suit should never, never be fastened. It will quickly make you look out of place!

Styling Tips with Suits

There’s more to wearing a suit than just picking one of the modern options in style. You can end up looking like a mess even with the best of suits, especially when you’re trying to don something like the pinstripe suit.

But a few simple tips can go a long way in helping you wear any of these modern suits right while giving you a complete look.

Fitting around the shoulders!

A lot of people only consider the breadth of the suit around their chest or stomach area, but they fail to take the area around the shoulder into consideration. However, the shoulders are usually the hardest to get the right fit for, and they are also the most important.

If you get the right fit around your shoulders, you can almost be sure that the suit is going to be a great fit overall.

Avoid going with a cheap dress shirt

There is another common misconception that while a suit is an investment and you must not go too cheap on it, you can pick any cheap dress shirt and still be fine.

This is a wrong approach to the say the least. The “mismatch” – most in terms of the quality and feel – between your suit and your dress shirt can become very visible and take a lot away from your look.

Avoiding the sweat in summers!

Suits can be a tricky affair in hot summers, as the sweat can mess up your look in no time. A Simple and highly effective way to avoid this is wearing a sleek undershirt under your dress shirt.

This will prevent your sweat from making itself visible, while also helping you be a lot more presentable and avoid what could end up becoming an embarrassing situation.

The tie needs attention too!

While a tie may not make or break your look with the suit, giving it a bit of thought can sure enhance your overall look.

The simple trick here is to wear a tie that’s darker than your suit, and the contrast will often add a sense of uniqueness to your overall style statement.

Shoes and belt

It’s always a good idea to make sure your shoes and belt are of the same color. This is also an important component of a complete suit look.

The Changing Era of Suits and What's in Style Now

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fashion ebooks

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