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Suede vs Leather Wallets: Which Material is Right for You?

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We’ve all been there before; we’re getting ready for a big night out - maybe it’s a school dance, a promotion or party at work, an anniversary dinner, a wedding, or any number of other special occasions - you go to grab your wallet and you don’t even want to put it in your pocket because it’s just worn out. It’s served you long and well, but it’s showing its age. It’s time to get a new wallet.

No one likes wallet shopping because there are simply too many of them on the market. Whether you’re shopping online or in person, the options when it comes to wallets range far and wide. Not only are there an endless amount of wallet brands claiming their pocket-pals and carrying options are the best, but there is a whole variety of materials to consider as well.

Additionally, wallets are a bit of a personal item. It can be a representation of personality, and it serves as home to some of our most important and valuable items. Taking all of this into consideration, may leave you wondering just which wallet is right for you. When it comes to wallet shopping, narrowing down your options one choice at a time can make the whole process much smoother. As such, first consider if you’d prefer a leather wallet, or a suede wallet.

Suede vs Leather Wallets

Where the Material Comes From

The first thing to understand between leather and suede is where these different materials come from. It’s important to note that both of these materials are sourced from animals which makes them neither vegan or vegetarian. If you’re specifically concerned about purchasing products that aren’t sourced from animals, you’re likely going to want to stay away from leather and suede options all together.

There are, of course, fake leather options for those who enjoy the aesthetic but don’t feel comfortable purchasing an animal byproduct.

Leather is made from the hide of an animal, typically cows. This is the tough exterior layer of the animal, which makes leather innately more durable and long lasting than suede. Suede, unlike leather, is made from the underside of the animal. Specifically, suede is made from the corium section of the skin.

The part of the skin the material is made from impacts the properties of the resulting products.

Distinct Properties of Leather

Leather, as mentioned above, is innately tough, durable, and long lasting. This is proven historically, as well. Leather has been around for centuries and is constantly found in historic sites. This speaks to the durable nature of leather. Leather is also water-resistant, which makes it a good choice for wallets that may be exposed to excess moisture at times.

Leather is also relatively flexible, and aesthetically pleasing with a smooth and buttery finish as well as a sheen. One more thing to keep in mind when choosing leather wallets for men is that if properly maintained, it has the potential to stay in mint condition for a lifetime.

The Specifics of Suede

Suede is another popular option for wallets because of its flexibility. This is a bit of a double edged sword though, because the extra flexibility also means that suede is significantly less durable than its leather counterpart. However, suede is a very soft material which makes it really pleasant to touch and hold.

Suede is also less shiny, as it comes with more of a matte finish, but has a more textured feel to it when you run your fingers over it or hold it in your hand. Finally, suede is more porous than leather which makes it susceptible to water-damage and getting dirty quickly.

Suede wallets have a specific touch, texture, and feel to them, and are aesthetically very pretty. Though, if you’re buying for longevity, you’ll likely want to look at a leather alternative.

The Right Wallet for You

No two people are exactly alike, and what we want out of our wallets also varies. Finding the right wallet for you can be a bit of a maze, but it’s one we all have to navigate from time to time. A good place to start is considering the material you’re most comfortable with.

Many people enjoy the durability, water-resistance, and maintainability of leather, while others prefer the softer, textured, and less-expensive suede options.

Other people still would prefer non-animal-based wallets. Knowing what you’re looking for in your wallet will help make the selection process a whole lot easier.

Wrapping up on Wallet Selection

There isn’t a wrong answer when it comes to choosing your next wallet. It really just depends on you, your individual style, and what sort of features you like in a wallet. You may want something that’s simple, sleek, and minimalistic, or you may want something that can hold as many cards as you want.

Take your time, and the right wallet will surely fall straight into your pocket.

Suede vs Leather Wallets