Metal Wallets Vs. Leather Wallets: Which Is Better?
July 07, 2022

Metal Wallets Vs. Leather Wallets: Which Is Better?

One of the main things to consider when selecting a wallet is its material. This is because manufacturers use different materials to make wallets, including metal, leather, paper, wood, elastic, plastic, and other recycled materials. However, the primary materials used are metal and leather for their unique styles. In this article, we’ll look at the definitions of metal and leather wallets and their pros and cons to determine the best one for you. 

Metal Wallets Vs. Leather Wallet

Metal Wallets

Metal wallets have become popular recently, thanks to technological advancements that allowed designing light, strong, and durable metal wallets. There are two types of metal wallets: aluminum wallet and titanium wallet. They’re mainly made in single frames, with several plates to put in your cash and cards. Metal wallets also have an elastic clip or band that holds everything in place.

Moreover, metal wallets offer a variety of styles that come in different colors, sizes, and patterns. They are sturdy, so they’re suitable for individuals involved in outdoor activities that risk wallet damage. However, because metals are static, most metal wallets are small in size as it’s impossible to fold metal. 

Pros Of Metal Wallets

  • Durable: The main advantage of metal wallets is that they are tough and durable—they may even live longer than their owners. They don’t go through wear and tear only, but they’re also water resistant, shock resistant, and corrosion resistant.
  • Slim and sleek: Metal wallets mainly have slim features that allow them to fit in the back or front pocket. This helps avoid hip pain associated with overstuffed wallets. It also declutters your pocket so you can locate items in your pocket easily.
  • RFID protection: Many people wonder what is RFID protection. Radio frequency identification (RFID) is a wireless communication that uses radio frequency waves. This is helpful when a thief uses skimming devices to get your credit card information from a distance. A metal RFID wallet blocks the radio waves, thus making it impossible to access relevant information from your cards.
  • Card protection: Metal wallets not only protect your cards from RFID skimming but also from breaking. Unlike other wallets where your cards are at risk of crushing, metal wallets ensure the safety of your cards so you wouldn’t have to request new ones often.

Cons Of Metal Wallets

  • Conducts heat: Metal is a good conductor of heat, so it can feel hot when exposed to high temperatures.
  • Compact: Due to their small sizes, they only allow you to carry small essentials like cards and a small amount of cash.
  • Sharp edges: While they’re durable, metal wallets have sharp edges that can cut through your clothes.

Metal Wallets Vs. Leather Wallet

Leather Wallets

Leather wallets are the most common and traditional wallets. They are versatile and are available in different styles and colors. They also come in various leather types, including horse leather, cowhide, or full-grain cow leather. Leathers are designed differently; some are smooth, supple, and buttery, while others have rough patterns or textures.

Leather wallets are available in their natural color or painted colors. Some are customarily printed with various patterns and designs. 

Your choice of leather wallet can be from the following: top-grain leather, napa leather, man-made leather, full-grain leather, and genuine leather.

Pros Of Leather Wallets

  • Easy maintenance: Leather wallets are easy to maintain as they only need regular cleaning. There are also solutions for preserving leather from damage caused by aging and prolonged use.
  • Serves as an accessory to your wardrobe: High-quality and stylish leather wallets match different outfits—from t-shirts, belts, shoes, jeans, or suits, making you stand out from the crowd.
  • Durable: Leather is globally known for its durability, unlike wallets made from synthetic materials. With proper maintenance, a leather wallet can last for a lifetime.
  • Classic elegance: Leather wallets are luxurious and elegant. Leather material also looks better with time as it gets marks and a unique texture that creates a good appearance.

Cons Of Leather Wallets

  • Expensive: Because leather is a natural material, it can be costly compared to wallets made from other materials.
  • Non-water-resistant: While leather wallets are tough and durable, they’re not water-resistant, meaning any contact with water can damage them.
  • Bulky: Leather wallets are not the thinnest, so they can be bulky, especially when filled with credit cards or cash.


Metal and leather wallets have their respective pros and cons. Therefore, remember there’s no better wallet than the other when choosing a wallet that suits you. The right wallet for you should fit your style and make you feel confident when using it.

Metal Wallets Vs. Leather Wallets