Sexy Undies for Men: Make a Statement
June 12, 2024

Sexy Undies for Men: Make a Statement

Bad underwear can irritate your skin, spoil your workout, and make your whole day uncomfortable. Whether you're at work or the gym, the right underwear is the key to tapping your true potential. Men are focusing on their intimates more than ever, indicated by the fact that the global underwear market is expected to reach $9043.36 million by 2028.

Since there are so many fabrics, styles, and purposes, picking underwear that works for you can be hard. But don’t worry; we're here to help you out with this problem. This guide explores sexy undies for men to live a more confident and comfortable lifestyle, so read on.

Undies for Men

Sexy Undies for Men

Let looks and fashion go hand in hand with these sexy undies for men;

Boxers With Mesh Comfort

Major Benefits  

  • Breathable designs for maximum airflow. 
  • Easy on the skin. 
  • Can be washed and reused multiple times. 

Mesh boxers are one of the most popular categories out there, providing a comfortable fit that's perfect for the everyday guy. With a relaxed fit and a supportive pouch, you can wear these sexy undies for men for hours without any discomfort. The waistband also fits around your waist without digging into your skin.

With a breathable design that has small holes in it, you get the best possible ventilation and stay comfortable throughout the day. It keeps your skin dry and prevents rashing and chaffing. 

The mesh boxers, with a sheer mesh pouch, provide an extra layer of breathability. No matter what attire you're wearing, mesh underwear slips into it with little effort. Available in various sizes, these underwear can be a go-to choice for anyone. 

The Sexy Brief 

Major Benefits 

  • Cover only the crotch and buttocks to provide comfort. 
  • Made from breathable material to keep you dry. 
  • More suitable for men with bigger thighs. 

Those who want to pair style and support would certainly gravitate towards these sexy undies for men. Although they have been popular since the 1930s, recent years have seen a surge in their popularity, and for good reasons. With a firm grip on the pouch and robust support, briefs are the ideal choice for anyone who wants to enjoy unhindered sports and other outdoor activities. 

It's not just about support: these mens sexy under wears are an excellent choice when the mercury shoots up. Since they're meant to provide support with the least amount of fabric, they don't extend down your legs, protecting only what truly matters. Your legs aren't covered at all, which means a lot of breathing room and way less sweat. 

And for those who want to look sexy, this is the way to go. With a minimal fabric design, the focus always stays on the physique that you have sculpted with so much effort. Your partner will also be impressed if you wear it inside the bedroom because they get to see more of you. 

Jocks That Rock 

Major Benefits 

  • Minimize crotch shifting during various exercises. 
  • Feel sexy and lift your confidence.
  • Minimize waist bulge and unflattering pant lines. 

Jocks are nothing new: they were around in the late 19th century and still appeal to millions of men. Also known as groin guards, their initial purpose was to prevent butt chafing for bicycle messengers. Today, they're considered essential for guys in sports. 

Take rugby, for instance. It's a game of constant contact with the opposition. A tackle here, a push there - which is why these mens lingeries become so important. Would you rather wear it and protect your manhood or get an errant fist or boot in the bollocks and end up in a hospital?  

These sexy undies for men are also amazing for spicing up your sex life. Popular among gays, they really accentuate your features from behind and make your partner go crazy for you. With a strong pouch to support your manhood, jocks are certainly one of the best underwear choices out there. 

Thongs - the Modern Masculine Look 

Major Benefits 

  • Keep you feeling fresh and hygienic all day long. 
  • Slip seamlessly under any dress. 
  • A snug fit ensures zero bunching up. 

Thongs were a highly niche product in the underwear world, even considered taboo by some, but they're making a strong comeback. One of the major reasons behind their rising popularity is their fit and comfort. Their bulge-enhancing pouch only adds to the appeal and boosts confidence levels. 

They cover your genitals with a strong pouch supported by a thin strap connecting to the waistband. This design is incredibly helpful if someone's seeking minimal hindrance to their movement. Since the pouch is made from cotton or other moisture-wicking materials, it supports your genitalia without constricting it. 

Today, you can find these sexy undies for men in several types and pick one according to your aesthetic preferences and comfort levels. For instance, the slingshot thong comes with shoulder straps for added support and sexiness. The fishnet thong is the most breathable type, with a sheer fishnet pattern and strong pouch support. 

Trunks - Something Different 

Major Benefits 

  • Ideal for active lifestyles. 
  • Offers a contemporary, stylish look. 
  • Keep the groin area warm, making them an excellent option for colder weather. 

While briefs are for the basic, everyday guy, trunks add an extra element of style to their underwear. Their waistband sits below the hip, allowing you to show off your perfectly sculpted abs. 

Of course, you can get these sexy undies for men in several varieties that match your personality and style statement. The bondage theme inspires the Strappy Open Back Trunk with several straps and rings.

The lace-up wetlook trunk has a seductive design that is perfect for attracting your partner. Made from wetlook fabric with red hot laces, it serves a teasing look that few other underwear can match. The laces add a touch of elegance to a setting that is otherwise playful and sensual. 

Wrap Up

As you can see, there is a wide variety of sexy undies for men available today based on your aesthetic preferences, comfort levels, and budget. If you want the best-in-class underwear, look no further than Envy. We are a premium menswear brand with over 100 creative designs and colors.

We believe men from all walks of life deserve the best, so we offer class-leading intimates for everyone from the office worker to wildlife enthusiast. 

Pick your favorite intimates from Envy today and be the confident man you have always aspired to be. 

Sexy Undies for Men