5 Key Tips for Choosing the Best Men’s Sexy Underwear
February 28, 2020

5 Key Tips for Choosing the Best Men’s Sexy Underwear

From boxers to briefs to jockstrap, there are plenty of undies available for men in the market. These underwear come in a wide range of designs, shapes, sizes, and colors.

Research shows that the most popular underwear among men is briefs; over 40% of men prefer briefs; 27 % of them prefer boxers, while the remaining ones prefer wearing various types of underwear.

With the multiple mens sexy underwear options, it is not very easy for you to pick the best one. This article will take you through five simple tips that you can try to help you choose the best underwear.

Tip #1: Try form-fitting underwear and go for different looks

Men who are used to loose undies may want to try something which is a bit more fitting, such as going from boxer shorts to full-on briefs. This new change can be exciting. Other ways to transform the look include:

  • Trying on underwear with a strap on the side
  • Trying on undies with prints and multiple colors
  • Trying on sporty panties with pouch or sleeve for the bum

Tip #2: Consider underwear with lesser material

Aside from the fully-covered brief, there is another type of underwear with little material, such as G-strings for the confident men, and jocks for sporty men. Unlike jockstraps, jock undies fit without the protection.

Jockstraps also undergoes some fabric cutout. This type of undies gives off a more ascetic appeal. Hence, men can go as modest as they want or as crazy as their hearts may desire.

Tip #3: Try multiple underwears made with different fabric

While cotton breathes are the go-to undies for most health-conscious men, similar to the ladies, men can also have their exclusive bum reserved on special occasions. They can try playing around with various fabrics, such as leather, mesh, or silk.

Undies made with leather, be it genuine or faux, give men the BDSM appeal. Mesh, on the other hand, comes in various densities and allows the boys to show off as much as they can or as little as they want while getting the breathable feature that they love. Satin or silk feels great when brushing against the skin.

Tip #4: Consider something humorous

Several undies focus more on the humorous side of design, from tuxedo boxer briefs to animal-inspired thongs. Wearing such funny panties can be the perfect solution to spice up the relationship and make the spouses giggle while being sexy.

Tip #5: Prioritise the size and fitting

While trying on multiple designs and materials of mens sexy underwear can help in the selection process, men should focus more on the size of the underwear. They need to make sure that the undies they have chosen fit them well. Undies which are too huge may look baggy while underwear which is too small can cause things to bulge unpleasantly.

Hence, before going out to buy sexy underwear, men should take their measurements properly to get an idea of the numbers they need to deal with when deciding on a purchase.

The rule of thumb is to buy the same size of underwear as their trousers. If they have to tuck their undies into their pants, chances are, the underwear is too big. So they should go for an undie which is smaller by one or two sizes.

Men’s underwear has progressed from one style to another, offering multiple options in the market. To choose the best sexy underwear, do not be afraid of trying on underwear with different materials and designs. Be sure to pick one that fits you perfectly and comfortably.

Author - Chris J.

5 Key Tips for Choosing the Best Men’s Sexy Underwear