A Gentleman's Complete Guide to Money Clips
March 28, 2020

A Gentleman's Complete Guide to Money Clips

Much like a watch, a leather wallet is a testament to a gentleman’s personal style and taste. But despite the sophistication of a well-made bifold, it’s only a matter of time before receipts and business cards add up. No gentleman wants to carry a brick-sized wallet in their back pocket. With that in mind, enter the money clip. An artifact in the 80’s that’s slowly making a comeback in place of the traditional leather wallet.

Money clips are the perfect alternative to wallets. It’s a sophisticated metal clip that can hold your much-needed cards and cash without the added bulk of a leather wallet. Because of its simple and lightweight design, money clips are referred to as the minimalist version of a bi-fold.

In this guide, we’ll be taking a look at the different types of money clips and help you choose one that fits your style and preferences. Say goodbye to your worn-out wallet and say hello to your newfound money clip! If you want to sell more money clips, you may try Value Added Promotion and they will help you with it.

1. The classic money clip

The first one on the list is the classic money clip. It’s a metal clip that’s around half an inch thick and can comfortably hold a dozen folded bills. The most common metal clips on the market are made of stainless steel or nickel, while the more expensive ones use gold, silver, and titanium. If you’re looking for a compact money clip to keep your cards and bills safe, this one’s a good option. It applies enough pressure on your bills so you won’t have any problems with your money sliding out.

One particular issue surrounding classic money clips is skin allergies. If you have very sensitive skin, it’s wise to invest in a money clip made out of high-profile materials like titanium. Just like how you would buy a high-quality leather wallet, the same thing applies to a money clip. Buy the best one you can afford and your skin will appreciate the extra gesture.

Some people choose to customise their classic money clips with engravement to add a bit of flair to their style. Engraving your money clip can send a message that you’re a man of sophistication each time you pull out your bills.

2. The magnetic clip

A magnetic money clip consists of two magnets that are sewn into the ends of a leather material. If you’re a huge fan of leather wallets, then you’ll feel right at home using a magnetic clip. The two magnets are the ones that clamp your bills as opposed to a classic money clip that uses a plier-like grip. The benefit to a magnetic clip is that it provides a higher capacity for holding credit cards and bills.

Because of its larger size, magnetic clips are no longer discreet and subtle. But that may not be a disadvantage since you can fit almost twice as many bills on a magnetic clip than you could with a classic clip. Also, the leather material means you’ll have no problems with skin allergies while using it.

Perhaps the big upside with magnetic clips is that the wider surface applies even pressure to your bills and cards. It’s also much easier to open and close compared to a classic clip because the magnets are easier to push as opposed to a classic clip where you require slightly more pressure to lift it up.

3. The wallet clip

The wallet clip is a hybrid between a clip and a wallet. If offers the same functionality as the previously mentioned clips with the added benefit of a dedicated card holder. While it may resemble a wallet, it’s actually thinner and more compact. Wallet-style money clips are available in a wide range of designs, with the most popular one being two-sided clips with a money clip on one side and one or two card slots on the other.

The wallet clip takes up the most size out of any clips on this list. It’s about half the size of a bifold wallet and is noticeably larger than a magnetic clip. The good thing is that the dedicated card slots provide the most protection for your cards and are less likely to get scratched or bent.

There’s a different style of wallet clip that offers three compartments. This gives you more room to carry cards, cash, and receipts simultaneously.

Protecting your credit cards when using magnetic money clips

One of the main concerns with using magnetic money clips is the risk of scratching or damaging your credit cards. To prevent this, place your credit card with the magnetic stripe facing down. This reduces the risk of the stripes being scratched while you pull money from your magnetic clip. You can also sandwich your credit card in between bills to provide some form of cushioning while it’s being clipped. If you carry two or three cards with you, then a wallet clip is the best solution for you.

Back to basics

Money clips are making a comeback and it’s becoming the new favorite accessory of the modern-day gentleman. It’s a viable alternative to a leather wallet where you can comfortably carry both your bills and your cards. Whether it be a classic money clip or the versatile wallet clip, you can never go wrong with replacing a bulky wallet for a slimmer, more compact money holder. Don’t let your brick-sized wallet sag your pants down and purchase a money clip that suits your taste and style.