Metaverse Fashion
June 14, 2022

People Will Be Buying Clothes in the Metaverse – and It Could Change Fashion as We Know it

There is so much excitement and speculation about what the metaverse could bring, and there’s no doubt that it will change the world. The virtual reality universe will offer people new ways to socialize and will give users the chance to do things they were never been able to do before.

Just as in the real world, the metaverse will give people the opportunity to buy everything from fashion to entertainment. The things people wear in this reality may be drastically altered from today’s fashion. Indeed, clothes could be instantly changed in different situations and might serve more functions than the threads we currently wear.

People Will Need Clothes for Different Situations

While Mark Zuckerberg might famously wear the same clothes all the time, users of his metaverse are unlikely to follow in his footsteps. When you can design your virtual avatar in any way you want, why would you want to look boring? Users are expected to experiment with wild fashion ideas in this new world, testing out things like a Wealthy Rich Celeb that they may have been afraid to go for in their normal lives.

One thing that will be fascinating in the metaverse is the fact that people will be able to change instantly depending on the situation they find themselves in. According to the Meta founder, this VR universe will be used for work, play, and everything in between. If you want to read more about the concept, there are loads of details.

Just like in open-world games where you have the chance to design your character, you will probably be able to assign a few different outfits that you can instantly scroll between. You might want a smart suit or dress for work, but then change into something more casual when you head down to the virtual bowling alley or cinema. Similarly, when you check out how slots like Kings of Crystals and Cash Riches have been adapted for VR, you’ll need some casino attire to play them. Make no mistake, all of these things will be available in the metaverse, as they have proven that they will always evolve with technological developments.

Users Will Buy Clothes in the Metaverse

The metaverse is expected to follow the format of games, where players can earn money and spend it within the virtual world. This means that people will use cryptocurrencies to buy their outfits, and there will be a massive market for fashion designers. Indeed, there has already been a Metaverse fashion week in 2022, where some of the world’s best-known brands showcased their offerings. This has led to some speculation about how metaverse fashion could be the future of the industry. You can read more about that here.

Some of the designers who had clothing on display in the Decentraland fashion week included Paco Rabanne, Tommy Hilfiger, and Dolce & Gabbana. These world-famous names have clearly identified the metaverse as the next big frontier, and they have put forward some interesting ideas for it. Some of their signature garments are on offer in digital form, but there are also a few unique ideas intended to be more futuristic.

Fashion Could Have New Functions in this World

Because there are no limitations as to what is possible in the metaverse, it could mean that designers start pushing the boundaries when it comes to the function of clothes. Indeed, according to this report, the metaverse could radically reshape fashion.

New ideas could include the introduction of garments that have added capabilities. For example, Scarlett Yang’s concept of clothes that change texture and dissolve in water could easily be possible in virtual reality. Other options could include clothes that can modify their colors, sprout wings, or continuously transform. There really are no limitations, meaning that anything is possible. It could open up brand-new trends and push the boundaries of the fashion industry massively.

The metaverse is expected to be mainstream by 2030, when most people around the world will have access to VR headsets. By this time, there could already be a booming fashion industry in VR, where unique new concepts rule the roost. Get ready for a major shake-up in the world of fashion design.