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Mens Name Necklace Trend: Sports & Name Necklaces

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Millennial men can’t seem to get enough of the mens name necklaces. From vintage 80’s jeans in all its multicoloured glory to the retro hairstyles the streets are beginning to look like a scene from Back to the Future with every man having his own unique personalized look.

To complete their “me” look, millennial men are embracing personalized men's name necklaces. Let’s look at the trends:

The Proud Boyfriend

Millennial men are known as the sensitive “new men” happy to show the world just how much they care. The trending personalized styles show that the millennial man enjoys keeping up with the current trends but wants to stand out from the crowd.

Men's name necklaces satisfy both keeping on trend while having that personalized "I'm the only one" vibe, and this engraved initial necklace is no exception. Millennial men enjoy staying on point when it comes to fashion trends while keeping their whole look fresh and original by playing with accessories.

There is more scope for personal expression today than any other time in fashion history. It seems that millennial men are into accessorizing way more than previous generations. This man is wearing his girlfriends' initials or a double name necklace.

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The Trendsetter

The millennials are used to having a “say” and taking part in the creative process of personalizing items so guys trying to set a trend to choose new styles that men might not have chosen in the past. Adding their own unique spin to sports name necklaces and filtering down to all aspects of creating the finished look.

From head to toe, the millennial men are playing by their own fashion rules. They are more connected than ever before to grooming rituals that go way beyond keeping that millennial beard in check.

Whether he’s the first to wear an Old English styled necklace, or has embraced the original Victorian “Harrington” font style, this guy wants you to know his name.

He’s going to be the first guy on the soccer team to show up with a laser cut soccer name necklace or show off a new football name necklace to watch the game with friends.

Old english men necklace

The Crunchy Guy

The millennial men’s bathroom contains a lot more than the simple cologne you would have found in previous generations. Beyond an in-depth skin care routine and makeup designed especially for men, the self-care goes deeper and further than ever before.

The typical millennial man is spending almost double the amount of time on personal grooming today compared to 20 years ago.

This filters into many other consumer-driven behaviours.   There has been a huge shift as the millennial man takes their style and self-expression very seriously.

Millennial men are spending more time shopping both online and in stores while taking control of the contents of their closets.

This trend towards a more passionate relationship with their style has also impacted on the deeper level of nutritionally sound and healthy approaches to holistically maintaining and optimizing health and wellness.

This guy is sporting a yin-yang necklace with his and his partner’s initials. Or maybe he’s polyamorous and wears the initials of all three partners!

The Gothic Guy

The Old English font classic gothic style retro name necklace is perfectly suited to the millennial man and a great option for guys who like to keep it more masculine. This style can be personalized with any name, nickname or buzzword that you share with your crew.

The current trend is all about the buzzword of the moment and you can create your own combo of words layering 2 or 3 together to really make a statement. The Gothic guy might get a name necklace that says “Vampire” or something dark. Or maybe he’s got a great sense of pride in his given name and wears that.

Whether you’re the guy with the giant football necklace or the first one to dare to wear a feminine Carrie necklace, name necklaces are the 2019 way for millennial men to show off “me.”

The great thing about men is that many are gracious gift recipients and will love whatever you buy them, however asking a man which style he prefers will result in a higher chance he’ll love his guy's name necklace.

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