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The Accessories Every Guy Needs this Summer

The Accessories Every Guy Needs this Summer

Men and fashion accessories in the same sentence? Believe it. The men’s accessories market is picking up steam, and fashionable dudes across the world are loading up their wardrobe with essentials for the upcoming summer. Maintain your dapper status by securing these accessory must-haves and make a great impression, whether you’re lounging on the beach or hitting up that Memorial Day barbecue.

Boat Shoes

The boat shoe has become the quintessential summer footwear staple, and these comfortable duds can make or break the right summer outfit. Slip-ons of all types are making a huge splash this year, and can be used to make a polished outfit a bit more fun, or pair with casual clothes for a coiffed look. If you want an elegant slip-on option that harkens back to gentleman’s clubs filled with cigar smoke, consider’s offerings. If you want to stick with the classics, you can never go wrong with Sperry slip-on shoes.

The Duffel

A good duffel bag is invaluable, whether you need your gear for the gym or you’re headed out on a weekend adventure. This year’s duffel accessory takes a turn towards the elegant and refined, while still allowing for a bit of rugged appeal. Check out Everlane’s The Twill Weekender—with sleek lines and simple high-quality materials, this bag will label you as a dapper dude upon first sight. If you are fan of hiking then consider these hiking bags recommended by The Gear Hunt

Modern Baseball Cap

Baseball caps were never out per se, but they’re coming back in a big way on the runways this year. With novelty caps becoming more commonplace—think bills made with leather, different hues, and various accoutrements—the sky is the limit. You may choose to stick with more casual offerings, but make sure to pair them with casual looks like denim and plain t-shirts.  

The Modern Briefcase

Gone are the days of the bulky, leather-only briefcase that your dad probably carted to and from the office. Instead, sleek versions have taken their place. Bags might have taken the backseat in terms of men’s accessories over the last few decades, but they’re back with a vengeance. With traditional, clean styling, you can use briefcases with all types of outfit, from casual office wear to the most refined of suit and tie wardrobe choices. Check out the Ben Minkoff Fulton Brief; tailored soft leather makes this an ideal bag for all of your necessary work materials and a must-have for your fashion aims.

Electronic Accessories

Electronics are just as much an accessory for today’s modern man—consider how many times a day you might be seen with your phone in hand or headphones covering your ears. When it comes to your phone, if you have a case, make sure it’s not scratched up and beat looking. Grab a modern phone case that reflects your personal style, and grab a stylish, but high-quality audio set of earphones like these from Onyko. Now for an accessory no one likes to talk about, but one that has a huge, negative impact on how people see you—cigarettes. If you’re a smoker, consider that cigarette your worst accessory. If you find you can’t quit the habit, at least switch to a vape alternative from a company like NJOY. Usually sleek and small, these devices don’t produce smoke, which is something you and everyone around you can appreciate.

The Proper Watch

A true gentleman is always punctual, so where would the modern dapper fellow be without the perfect watch? The right face and band can combine into a refined accessory that complements every type of outfit. If you’re a chrome lover, stick with Swatch offerings that offer multiple utilities on one face. If you prefer a classic band that incorporates high-quality leather and simple watch faces, Skagen is your best bet.

The summer season is upon us, and it’s time to start updating that closet for warmer weather and fashion’s latest trends. Incorporate these accessories into your summer wardrobe for a fashionable splash.

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