Men's Guide to the Melbourne Cup 2020 | What to Wear
October 14, 2020

Men's Guide to the Melbourne Cup 2020 | What to Wear

Men's Guide to the Melbourne Cup 2020 | What to Wear

The Melbourne Cup is usually considered the most prestigious sporting event in Australia , based on the imposing fashion that is often displayed there. If you’ve been wondering what you should wear to this iconic event to stand out, don’t fret! This guide reveals to you the best formal and informal outfit tips you should consider to assure yourself a memorable experience at the event.

Formal wear

As you may already know, the Derby day is the most glamorous day since it attracts the best names in fashion. Here’s what you should have to make a statement.

A monochrome outfit

A properly executed monochromatic outfit is always a head turner. Monochrome doesn’t always mean wearing black and white, but wearing separates of a single color. For instance, you can wear a light gray suit with a black and white striped tie and a charcoal waistcoat.

Get a two-piece

The Melbourne cup is usually influenced by the classic style that entails wearing a nice two-piece suit. This means that you should have a custom tailored or closely fitted jacket and pants. Your collar should be very crisp and straight, and flattered by a neat pocket square to complete the look.

A well-fitted suit is a fail-safe alternative for creating a winning look on Melbourne Cup Day, browse around this web-site for more info.

Play around with prints and colors

Unleash your personality with a bold print such as glen plaid or windowpane. You can purchase them in colors such as electric blue, burgundy or cerulean. It may seem scary to have a patterned tie or shirt in your suit, but at a high-end betting event like the Melbourne Cup, that may be the difference between mediocrity and class.

Informal wear

Opting to go casual doesn’t mean that you have to settle for less. You can be highly stylish with a simple, informal outfit. Here’s what you need to do:

Get a classic button-down shirt

This piece is important because it can be dressed up or down regardless of the time of day. You’ll however need to experiment with a couple of brands to get the most suitable fit that matches your character. Just remember to invest in a couple of classic prints and colors.

Up the ante with classic chinos

Nothing beats a pair of slim-fit classic chinos in high-end events. You also need to look for pair with neutral base colors such as navy, olive, beige or white. These will pair perfectly with your button-down shirt, as long as you pair them with the right pair of classic sneakers.

Seal the deal with loafers

It’s hard to ignore the versatility of loafers- no matter who you are. It doesn’t matter whether you like the penny style, horse bit or anything similar, as this type of shoes pairs seamlessly with different kinds of pants. Whether you are rocking chinos, taking it easy with jeans or even donning tailored shorts, loafers will complement your style and keep you standing out during the entire Melbourne Cup event.

Bottom line

To have more fun at the event, try learning the Melbourne Cup odds and have some fun betting. The Melbourne Cup Day is a day for drama, class and fun; certainly not a day to limit yourself to a single style.

If you want to feel bold and polished, a tailored monochrome two-piece would do the trick. If you want to loosen up a little with casual wear, a classic button-down shirt, a nice, fitting pair of chinos, and loafers would be your best bet.

Men's Guide to the Melbourne Cup 2020 | What to Wear