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Simple Style Hacks for Any Man to Up His Game

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Let’s face it, when it comes to fashion, men have a significantly lower range of options to choose from than women. And for most, this is really a blessing because spending hours picking out an outfit is just not in the average male DNA. 

But here’s a reality check: it's 2020, your skin matters, yours out of date hairstyle adds a few years onto your face and your 10-year-old pair of jeans should have been thrown out about five years ago.

What you wear represents who you are, and the washed-up 90’s TV star look is certainly not something you should be aspiring to. There are a couple of really easy tricks and changes that you can make to update your look and step straight into this decade, along with the rest of the world. 

We thought we would give you a few pointers on how, with a few simple changes, you can update your style and look like a new man in a few steps.

Between a Sock and a Hard Place

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Yes, we know, for years gents have had to pick out a shirt, match it with some pants, add work shoes and maybe pick out a tie, and that’s it, you are sorted for work. But even for Dwight Schrute’s of the world, this is getting a bit old. 

A quick, quirky, and fun addition to your outfit which won’t break the bank and is not obviously noticeable is adding a pair of statement socks to your outfit. There are hundreds of colors and patterns to choose from and what is appealing to most men, is that they can be hidden under the leg of the pants and in the shoe. You will only get a quick glimpse if you are really paying attention. Consider reading this guide on the best bamboo socks if you are looking for a more sustainable option on the market.

Ditch those holely, boring white and black socks and step into the office in style. The best thing about them is that you can add statement socks to a simple black and white outfit, or mix things up with a navy suit, white shirt, tan shoes and belt, and colorful statement socks. If going out every month to buy new socks sounds like a bit of a hack, why don’t you join a sock club to receive a monthly pair of the latest in the sock world?

Leave the Baggy Pants in the ’90s 

Well-fitting pants are a must. Yes, gents, we have long moved past the stage of having our crotches hanging around our knees and droopy backsides. It’s time to show those glutes off.

If Eminem can finally move past this, so can you! In fact, if more street casual is your look, have a peek at what he has been pulling off lately because we love it! 

He is still bringing in this iconic Em track look and mixing it up with well-fitting slacks, printed tees, hoodies, or even a fitted jacket. If he is wearing track pants, he is now opting for a skinny leg that stops just above the ankle and pairs it off with a killer pair of sneakers. But for once we can see his actual form and we love it. 

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We Shirt You Not

Your white shirts and tees need to be updated annually. A crisp white top adds a sense of freshness, style, and class to your overall look. After a while, your whites start to go grey or yellow and begin to really show off those little stains that they have accumulated over the months. It’s not attractive and makes you look unkept. 

But, don’t go and spend your monthly rent on new white shirts. These are items that you can budget buy, and not feel guilty when it's time to throw them out. In fact, you will look forward to replacing your white shirt and swapping out the old one for the new crisp white one. 

And, on the topic of shirts, try and keep these tucked in at all times gents. The untucked, ragged look can be pulled off by only one man in this world, Keith Richards, and that’s simply because he is basically a natural wonder of the world. Tuck those shirts in, and even invest in a pair of braces to keep them tucked in. It will look form-fitting and add a snappy neatness to your overall look. 

Spend Your Hard-Earned Bucks in the Right Place

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The basic rule of thumb, spend more money on your shoes and simple accessories. A good, expensive pair of shoes will add that million-dollar look to even the most basic outfit. Add your budget white shirt to a good pair of fitting jeans and top it all off with a good pair of loafers or sneakers, and you don’t really have to do much more. 

Watches are also accessories that you can save up for a bit to really have a well-rounded look. Unlike your female counterparts, you should not overdo it with accessories. So you can invest in a luxury watch, pair it off with a chain, and voila, your look is done. It really is that simple. 

One thing about expensive shoes and watches, it is important to look after them. So make sure you find out how to clean and care for your shoes. If you are investing a good sum of money in them, you want them to last and look new and flashy for as long as possible. Spend some time after wearing them to clean them up and get rid of any scuffs and marks. 

It’s a Wrap 

Having an up-to-date look will not bankrupt you and does not need to take hours out of your life. A quick adjustment here and there, a simple nip in here and tuck in there and you will look like a new man.

Keep in mind that a new hairstyle will be the perfect feather in your cap. A fresh, up to date cut will take years off your face and keep you looking sleek and able to pull off any look. Make friends with your local barber, you will not regret it!

Simple Style Hacks for Any Man to Up His Game