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Men's Fashion - Creating a Capsule Wardrobe For Winter

When the cooler Autumn and Winter months rolls around, it can be very helpful to have a few key pieces in your wardrobe around which to build a capsule wardrobe. Investing in a great coat, durable boots, and some high-quality jeans will provide a basis for dressing for this season year after year, and updating your look with a few new garments come winter will ensure your wardrobe is fresh and stylish.

A sleek winter look can be created by layering up tops and jumpers, plus adding a few simple accessories like a hat or scarf. Autumn tends to be quite mild in the UK so a leather jacket or a parka may suffice. Winter, however, can get quite chilly so a warm wool or feather down coat is a great wardrobe staple to have.

Key Pieces for Winter

When shopping for new clothes, the type of fabrics you opt for is crucial when it comes to longevity and fit. Items made from natural fibres such as linen and cotton for summer, or denim, wool and leather for winter are a great choice, as they last well and are breathable.

Leather clothing and accessories make a superb addition to any man's wardrobe - leather ages very well - in fact, it tends to get even better with age - and items such as leather jackets, shoes, belts, and bags will last for years.

Leather is also an easy material to repair if you use a high-quality leather glue for the appropriate garment. Although a leather jacket or boots can be quite pricey, they are generally well worth the investment and never go out of fashion. According to GQ magazine, a WFH tracksuit is also a 2020 wardrobe staple.

Other basics that help create a solid capsule wardrobe for the Autumn/Winter season include the following: 

  • Wool Coat
  • Jeans & chinos
  • Warm footwear e.g. Chelsea boots
  • Crisp white shirt
  • Black crew neck jumper
  • Long-sleeved tops
  • Fairisle knitted jumper

Work wear vs. casual wear

It may also be useful to separate your day-to-day Winter wardrobe based on casual wear and work-wear, depending on the field you work in. If you need to wear a suit or shirt and tie from Monday to Friday, spacing them away from your casual evening and weekend garments in your wardrobe can help separate your work days from your free time and help achieve a sense of work-life balance.

A white shirt is an essential work-wear staple, while shades of blue and salmon are also excellent options, whether you have an office or work-place to go to or have multiple zoom meetings to attend each week.

When it comes to casual clothes, our top tips for casual styling include opting for stripes (always look great!), investing in a leather jacket, choosing parkas made from technical material thanks to its weather-resistant nature, and embracing Autumn colours. Autumnal tones include burgundy, beige, brown and mustard. Team these shades along with black or grey jeans for a sleek Autumn look.

Accessories such as leather belts, chunky knit hats and warm scarves can make for stylish additions and take any outfit from summer to autumn. Layer up cardigans or jumpers over t-shirts and long-sleeved tops for a warm and comfortable weekend outfit.

Overall your Autumn/Winter wardrobe should include a few key pieces that are always in style. Fashion trends are fleeting and opting for good basics is a great way to build up a stylish wardrobe that will see you through many cold seasons.

Creating a Capsule Wardrobe For Winter