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8 Casual Styles Men Should Try For The Coming Fashion Season

Fashion trends change every season and keeping up with trends is often expensive. While classic styles will always trump fashion trends, not all fashion trends are fleeting fads. Some of them are here to stay and can even turn into future classics.

To give you an idea of which trends are worth their salt, we’ve listed below some top casual styles men should try for the coming season.

8 Casual Styles Men Should Try For The Coming Fashion Season

1. Stripes

Stripes in all forms – pinstripes or vertical stripes have made a comeback this season. This trend is a classic and versatile. Often worn as business suits or formal shirts, stripes have made their way to casual dressing this season. As stripes were seen on the runway in casual and dynamic tailoring styles, wearing them for a breezy evening out can be a fun way to flaunt your stripe collection.

As an added benefit, stripes make you appear taller and thinner. Next time you’re in the mood to wear stripes, team a striped linen shirt with chino shorts. For a casual vibe that represents your pride for your career along with style, roll up your sleeves or layer your look with a t-shirt from Trade Life. You’re sure to turn heads with this easy yet classic trend.

2. Vests

Another trend that looks like it's here to stay is the vest. Vests were seen everywhere on the runway this season. To get a runway look, layer your vests with shirts. Use sleek vests as warm layers with suits or wear them with a stylish Cuban collar shirt for a fun casual look.

3. Pockets

From field jackets to multi-pocketed cargo pants, these functional pockets have made a comeback. Perfect for outdoor adventures, pair your cargo pants with a jacket made of technical fabric. This functional trend will not only up your fashion style but is also functional and super comfortable.

4. Leather Jackets

Leather jackets are a classic that can never go out of style. Year after year, this trend sees a comeback for its fun, rugged, and functional appeal. This season, add a bomber jacket or a biker jacket to your wardrobe, if you already haven’t.

If you love biker jackets but often just stick to the simple ones, it's time to have some fun with over-the-top embellished jackets. This season saw big names like Armani, Versace, and Moschino showcasing leather jackets with studs, tassels, and encrusted designs.

5. Autumn Colors

From shades of brown to orange or khaki green, nothing gets you into the autumn vibe better than these hues. This season’s trend focusses on elegant suits in shades of maroon, burgundy, or copper. The runway this season showcased elegantly tailored suits in autumn hues by brands like Zegna and Ferragamo. For autumn-hued menswear which is functional and for the fashionably casual tradesmen, check Trade Menswear.

8 Casual Styles Men Should Try For The Coming Fashion Season

6. Monochrome Suits

Single hued suits are classic and you’re not likely to go wrong with them. However, wearing all black every time you step out for a meeting does get boring and can look stiff and tight-lipped. To add a casual vibe to your formal outfit, try a monochrome suit in different hues. Choose from light pastel shades like primrose to more autumnal hues like maroon or burgundy, perfect for the coming season.

7. Parkas Made of Technical Material

As with the past few seasons, outerwear made from technical material seems to have taken centerstage. Parkas made from technical materials have better weather resistant qualities and have now become a modern-day staple. This functional piece of clothing is a must-have for the winter months. For a stylish casual look, choose a parka that’s loose-fitted and knee length.

8. Boots

The Chelsea boot with thick, rugged soles have been seen all over the runway this season. Perfectly functional for the winter months, pair your boots with jeans for a classic yet trendy look.  If you’re looking for a pair for the great outdoors that can match your casual style yet look like a trend straight from the runway, pick a pair of hiking boots.


Though fashion trends come and go, some of them are worth a try. This season saw many trends that were functional yet fun. From multi-pocketed jackets to outwear made from weather –resistant material, this autumn/winter season is all about casual and functional style.

If you’re planning to upgrade your wardrobe this season, look out for pieces that are trendy and comfortable. Adding a performance parka to your collection or a pair of hiking boots for treks is a smart way to ready yourself for the winter months.  Remember this season is all about elegant autumn hues and comfortable casual style that you can’t go wrong with.

8 Casual Styles Men Should Try