How to Find Cheap Luxury Watches
June 12, 2020

How to Find Cheap Luxury Watches to Build Your Professional Persona

How to Find Cheap Luxury Watches

In the US alone, the jewelry and luxury watch industry is valued at $8.2 billion in 2020. Over the course of the year, sales are also expected to rise by 2.5%, which shows that the popularity of accessorizing with snappy wristwatches isn't going anywhere.

A great watch isn't just something that performs a practical use. It's a status symbol to illustrate wealth and a high-end accessory that shows off your taste. While 'cheap luxury watches' might sound like an oxymoron, though, there are ways to get deals on gorgeous watches in all shapes and styles.

Read on to learn how to find amazing deals on luxury watches!

Do Your Research

Before you can shop for luxury watches in any price range, there's a bit of research you'll need to do. You're going to need to:

  • Check out your bank account and see how much money you can swing for a watch
  • Look at images on Pinterest and related sites to see what styles you like best
  • Consider which watches best match your most commonly work apparel
  • Research the latest trends in watches- you want to make sure that you get something that's in style
  • Decide on whether you want something newly made vs. something antique/vintage

However, since you're looking to get luxury watches cheap, you're going to need to do a little bit of extra research as well. Once you figure out the style and model of watch that you want, surf the internet and look at what companies offer the lowest prices on watches similar to your favorite.

While you may need to be a bit flexible on specific brands, you're sure to find something slightly less expensive in a similar style.

Shop for Used Items

When you begin shopping for cheap luxury watches, used accessories are going to be your best bet. Browsing sites like eBay is a good idea, but there are also specific sites that people sell used luxury watches on. Some of the most popular ones are Chrono24, The Watch Box, and Crown & Caliber.

Used watches are significantly cheaper than new ones. Some of them are very gently used and are indistinguishable than new watches. As a result, you won't be sacrificing any quality and no one will know that you got as cheap a watch as possible.

If you find your dream watch used but a little bit out of shape, that's also okay. Don't be discouraged- there are plenty of watch repair shops all across the US. If the metal of your new purchase is scratched or the crystal is cracked, it will cost you no more than $125 to fix up!

If the damage is more severe than scratches or cracks- if it actually impedes the function of the watch- that's a red flag that you shouldn't purchase it. Look for something else.

Look at Department Stores

If you really take issue with buying used watches (or simply want to look into more options), there are department stores out there that sell designer items for cheap. TJ Maxx, Ross, and Burlington are well-known and reputable stores that sell such products.

While many people think of these as places to shop solely for clothes, they also have quite a wide selection of accessories. Many of these pieces include luxury watches, and they're sold way below list price. You can take a look at these options online if you like, but most of these brands are bound to have at least one outlet store near you.

Find Online Coupons

No matter where you decide to get your luxury watch, you can save a bit of extra money by finding coupons online. These coupons are usually free and are easy to use. You'll either enter a coupon code into the site that you order your watch from or take it in to the department store that the coupon is good at when looking for a timepiece.

Yes We Coupon is an awesome site to find deals on for clearance shopping. This page offers deals on pretty much everything, including jewelry and watches from various vendors. Make sure that you use the search function also look at all the awesome coupons offered here!

Don't Sacrifice Quality

While you may not have a lot of money, make sure that you don't completely throw quality out the window as you choose a cheap luxury watch. After all, you're making an investment- buying something that doesn't function or looks ridiculously ugly is a waste of your money. The goal is to get something you'll actually be glad to wear!

If you don't find something that you like within your price range, don't settle for a lesser watch. You'll regret it later. Instead, continue with your research and web surfing. The perfect watch is sure to pop up eventually.

Another option is to save up a little more money until you have enough for a cheap luxury watch that you like. The bottom line is generally that you want something that's worth your money no matter how much you spend. That way, you'll be proud and happy to wear your watch.

Buy Cheap Luxury Watches Today

While luxury watches can get expensive, they're an important investment. Besides, it's incredibly easy to find deals on many different watch styles that you're sure to love.

Now that you know the best tips for finding cheap luxury watches, it's time to get shopping! Use the search function on our home page to look up accessory and apparel brands that might sell watches you love. Then, you can head over to online watch sellers and look for similar styles.

How to Find Cheap Luxury Watches