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How To Choose The Perfect Zulu Watch Strap For You

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Regardless of the number of watches you own, the perfect watch strap will eventually determine the aesthetic of a given timepiece. Simply replacing the original band with something special can completely transform a watch’s vibe in an instant. Feeling dressy? Pair up your timekeeper with an elegant leather strap. Bright and colorful straps can help you make a statement. The combinations seem limitless. 

Perfect Zulu Watch Strap For You

What Is A Zulu Watch Strap

A Zulu strap is constructed from luxurious nylon material and features thick curved buckles on the side. These straps are regarded to be incredibly tough and ideal for outdoor activities. Not only they’re fit for an active lifestyle, pairing and mixing up strap designs is uncomplicated.  

There are different colors of Zulu straps available for everybody to choose from. You could experiment with varying colors of straps offered by different companies online such as Zulu straps collection. 

The Right Zulu Strap 

Finding the ideal strap is said to be a real piece of work and not effortless; in fact, it can be very perplexing to some. There are several factors to consider when selecting the perfect strap that’d work like a charm to your watch. But don't fret. Here are some tips on choosing the right strap for you. 

  • Pick The Best Strap Color 

Donning a watch is the ideal way to complete any ensemble. Straps can complement your look, particularly if the watch is already a show-stopper on its own. Yet there are several considerations to remember when choosing a strap color. 

Choosing black is said to be a foolproof move for it goes with almost everything seamlessly. But there are moments when you must wear colorful clothing, shoes, and watches. Nevertheless, the wrong color choice will detract from the charm of your outfit. 

Before making a color choice, evaluate your current wardrobe, accessories, and jewelry collections. For example, if you're a fan of gray hues, a gray shade for the straps may work. Alternatively, if you're sporting a pair of brown dress shoes, a hue similar to the color of your footwear might be the best option. 

You must also think of the watch's design. Black dials are said to be ideally paired with a dark strap, whereas lighter-colored dials may work well with a light-colored brown strap. 

You may even coordinate the shade of the strap to the style of your bag, scarf, ring, or earring. By choosing a colour that complements your jewelry, you could ensure that your watch never goes out of fashion. Other than that, it can enhance the elegance of your entire look. 

Perfect Zulu Watch Strap For You

  • Consider Your Skin Tone 

Your skin tone could also determine the best color straps. Here are some color suggestions that are said to be helpful for each skin tone: 

  • Dark Complexion

For people with rich deep skin tones, navy, deep gray, and dark shades can complement the skin complexion perfectly. Pastel and white are both great picks if one chooses to rock light colors. Skip pale shades and earthy hues, though. 

Perfect Zulu Watch Strap For You

  • Tan or Olive Complexion

Individuals with sun-kissed complexions are advised to stay away from faded shades as they may clash with their skin tones. They’re advised to wear dark beige, deep violet, dark yellow-green, red, and maroon instead. 

  • Slightly Yellow, Medium Complexion 

Persons with a medium complexion may consider lemon yellow, lilac, baby pink, and light blue shades to work with their skin. One can also wear pastels. For neutrals, light gray or cream is said to work just fine. 

  • Mildly Pink, Light Complexion

Groups of people having a fair skin tone are recommended to look for vivid blue, orange, bright red, turquoise, coral, and khaki shades straps. While black is fitting for all tones, it’ll unintentionally highlight the lack of pigment on the skin. 

In general, you may wear any shade of clothing or watch strap granted that you’ve got the confidence. However, while certain colors might look nice on some people, you must consider how they would look on your own complexion. When it comes to watch straps, it's better to match them to your personal style as well.  

Perfect Zulu Watch Strap For You

  • Consider The Use Of Your Watch

Are you planning to use your watch for an action-packed lifestyle that includes swimming, athletics, and mountain biking? Or would it be seen as a daily workplace watch, or for socializing and light exercise, or a chic adornment for formal events? 

Zulu straps are significantly thick and more rigid, which means divers can safely depend on them underwater. In addition, these straps have been known for high levels of protection, durability, and style power. 

There are two primary styles of Zulu watch straps. One is composed of three links, and the other is composed of five. The three-links loop is a simple single strap with no extras. Even so, they’re more substantial due to their construction from tougher fabrics. This makes them a good accessory choice. 

Five-linked Zulu straps are built to alleviate the spring bar's weight in the watch. When the strap is tightened, no strain is applied to the spring bar. Instead of that, the strap will withstand the pressure. This is ideal for action-packed adventures and outdoor activities. 

Bottom Line 

Individuality dictates the choice of watch straps. Though the variety of straps renders it challenging to make a choice, keep the aforementioned ideas in mind the next time you're out looking for a Zulu strap for your watch.