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How to Choose Watch Colors That Match Your Personal Style

What is the color of your watch?

Black, silver, golden, brown… Like many people, you have probably never thought so much about the color.

Maybe you have always loved black and that’s why all your watches are black. Or perhaps you have a thing for blue or gold-toned watches.

Well, did you know that you could choose a color that brings out your personal style? Not just for your watch but even for your watch case - every detail counts.

This has something to do with your sense of fashion, how you dress, your body physique, your favorite color and much more.

The following are some tips to help you pick a timepiece that matches your fashion.

Formal or Official look

Imagine a man dressed in a nice black suit.

Probably he is going to the office or a business meeting. Then he lifts the hand and you see a large calculator or a bulky flashy divers watch.

This is definitely a mismatch.

To match your business attire, you need a watch that means business. It will be simple, not very large or bulky and also not too fancy or too shiny.

In this case, the preferred color choice would be silver or gold tone. The case will be slim and the color would be same or close to that of the dial.

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Casual Look

To match the casual look, you need a timepiece that does not look too serious.

Here we are talking jeans, t-shirts, polo shirts, jumpers, hoods, chambray button-downs, sneakers, printed shirts, Bermuda shorts, and related outfits.

Probably you will be heading to the park, beach, campsite, racetrack, and similar activity.

In such a situation, you need a timepiece with a warm color that stands out. A shiny dial, red, orange, gold-tone will do. The strap color will also be different to make the watch more noticeable.

The case will be larger and more rugged due to the higher chances of it being knocked, banged or scratched against other objects.

Divers, field or casual pilot watches would be good options.

Simple and Laidback

If you are an introvert, then high chances are that you don’t really like being the center of attention.

Your dressing will be plain and simple. No floral prints.

No shiny piece of jewelry. No fancy looking or large watch.

You may prefer a plain shirt, t-shirt, and a matching skirt and trousers. A large and shiny timepiece will be too much attention. The best option would be a sleek simple watch.

Yes, it may be sophisticated, but it won’t be Very noticeable. You may opt for a type with a plain white, black or silver-tone face. It won’t have too many details to clutter the dial.

The strap will also be simple, plain and thin.

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Fun and Sporty Look

If you and our friends are heading to the racing track, sports field, gym, hiking or any other recreational event, you’ll need a watch that matches the setting.

It will be large for easy viewings even when in motion. The unit should be able to handle extreme activities, vibration, bangs, abrasion and more.

A digital unit seems more appropriate than an analog type.

Materials such as resin are also more user-friendly in comparison to stainless steel, which is heavier. The dial will be larger and this makes options like divers a good choice.

A white, black, silver-tone dial should be fine.

Sharp Casual

Sharp casual, not to be confused with casual, falls in-between formal and casual. In this case, you may decide to dump the tie and the very official pants.

You will go for khakis, button-down shirts, short-sleeved shirt, and dark denim. You will still have your leather shoes or loafers on.

A watch with a large face should be a perfect match. The color will range from plain white, black, or even silver.

The band may be different from the case, brown leather against a stainless steel case. For extra panache, you may adorn a sophisticated piece such as a pilot.


Understanding your personal style is important.

This helps you to pick a watch color that will expound it. If you love being the center of attraction, you will probably want a flashy watch with bright and warm colors.

If you are more reserved or laid back, then black timepiece with minimal frills would be a good option.

Choosing the right color helps you to state your sense of fashion, feel good about yourself, and also boost your confidence.

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How to Choose Watch Colors That Match Your Personal Style