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Celebrities Wearing their Favourite Luxury Watches

What is it about a celebrity on the red carpet or in a movie wearing an accessory, that makes that accessory blow up with regards to its sale figures?

From Kate Middleton’s royal dresses always selling out in record time, to the long-lived collection of James Bond Rolex watches holding prominent and never-ending bestseller status in the accessory market, there’s something about a celebrity ambassador that makes products a must-have for modern buyers. And to return to our latter example, watches are up there as the most coveted and in-demand of all accessories and celebrity-inspired purchases.

To celebrate brands like Gucci and Rolex, both as high-level investments and coveted accessories that can be sold both new and preloved in minutes, we’ve created this blog to explore some of the best watches as worn by celebrities.

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Celebrities in Rolex watches

There is no brand quite as highly coveted as Rolex when it comes to watches – and contrary to popular belief it is not only the action-packed male heroes who wear them in the movies, on the red carpet, and as part of their day-to-day fashion.

Rolex watches are as much about presenting a status symbol as they are about telling the time – with the following list of celebrities all famous for wearing a Rolex out and about.

Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton doesn’t just have one Rolex; he is a collector of fine watches and boasts a vintage Rolex collection which is recognised as one of the best in the world. Clapton is such a big Rolex fan that he even owns a ‘Yacht-master Daytona’ Rolex which was never released to the public and was only ever made as a prototype, making it extremely rare and high in value.

More recently Eric Clapton has donated some of his Rolex watches to charity, including the elusive Yacht-master Daytona, but he remains an avid fan and wearer of the brand.


Proof that Rolex isn’t just for men and that the famously chunky designs are also matched by a collection of sleek and elegant watches, Rihanna owns at least four Rolex watches and is often spotted in her Lady Datejust model – yellow gold with a champagne-covered watch face.

Daniel Craig

No surprises there – the most recent James Bond actor is, like his famous character, a fan of the Rolex brand. In fact, Daniel Craig has at least seven Rolexes and wears them often. Though the actor is also a fan of Omega watches, which are often featured in the recent James Bond movies, where he can be seen wearing an Omega Seamaster.

Kanye West

We couldn’t create a celebrity watch lowdown and not mention Kanye West, who owns a customised Rolex with all-black features – in keeping with his fashion-forward sense of style and the fact that he always seems to have items that no one else has.

Celebrities in other designer watches

Rolex may be one of the most popular brands in the luxury watch market, but it’s certainly not the only one out there – and it’s not the only one favoured by celebrities.

Here are a selection of alternative brands and their A-list fans.

Kate Middleton – Cartier

We mentioned Kate Middleton earlier as a fashion symbol for women everywhere – so much so that virtually everything she wears sells out in an instant. But in terms of watches, she always wears the same one – a Cartier Balloon Bleu which compliments her neat outfits and sleek figure.

Keira Knightley – Chanel

Keira Knightley’s watch is another elegant one, which offers a delicate and slightly sporty finish to anything she wears. The bright white exterior makes this a standout model which is there to elevate her look, rather than blend in.

Gianni Agnelli – Omega

If you’re a style icon like Gianni Agnelli, everything and anything you wear will be critiqued and praised by those who follow you. And the Omega Ploprof Seamaster watch is no different, designed as a diver’s watch which combines modern features with the timeless design of a stylish and simplistic watch face.

You may pick up some inspiration from A-listers with regards to how to wear a sporty, chunky, sleek, or delicate luxury watch with any outfit or dress code.