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Best Women Purses

Best Women Purses

Purses are handy essentials typically related to women. They carry everything from cards to cash, a pen, and even small notepads. Purses are the female version of wallets which are men-only. And since women carry more items around, they are generally larger and come in a wider colour range.

It might seem very clear, but not everyone knows that purses, wallets, and bags are different things. They may appear similar, but they play unique roles. So, here are some awesome samples.

Blue Woven Purse with Pronounced Silver Lid and Lock

A royal purse would look just like this. The blue woven piece is made to match a glamorous outfit sporting a visible interwoven design with a silver lid rising from it and ending in what resembles a glittering silver lock. Generally, this purse would offer a soft feel and may not be perfect for fragile items like cards.

Best Women Purses

Image via: Meekah

Black Wallet with Ridge Design

This beautiful piece spells elegance through its black colour, sturdy leather, and bold, alternating ridge-on-the-horizon design. You can see a golden metal attachment typical of a magnetic lock or clip. The combination of design and lock features on the purse gives it an African essence – making it great for light-coloured outfits and dark-toned holders.

Plain-color Purses with Zipper and Lock Across The Lid

There are some lovely plain-coloured purses. Even though they appear simple, they make a classic hold, especially since they are laced with gold. The purse also features two types of protection, letting you zip the lid and lock it across. Since it has a sturdy and mid-size design, it would hold phones, passports, IDs, and other items that do not need compression.

Plain-coloured Orange Purse as Hand Bag Accessory

Some handbags come with a purse, allowing owners to switch between both options. The orange Kara purse and the bag is a fashionable way to keep your best designers on you, whether you’re taking a short walk outside and need only a few items or going all-out for a party.

Two-colour Checkers Design Purse

Checkers' designs have become associated with some of the top-selling fashion brands. It appears in clothes, travel bags, and even purses. Products with the checkers' design are chic, and even though they don’t often appear in bright colours, they are real eye-turners.

One of them is the brown and black Louis Vuitton purse. The design features the typical alternating coloured boxes you find on checkers. It is also larger than an average purse, making it suitable for small books, an iPad, a mid-sized water bottle, and all those lovely little things.

Matching a two-colour checkers purse like this one with a checkered feminine trouser is sure to put you on fashion radars.