7 Definitive Men’s Fashion Trend 2019
May 22, 2019

7 Definitive Men’s Fashion Trend 2019

This past year was a big one for the fashion world. We witness a lot of modern trends including bomber jackets, chant colors, and leather that are here to stay.

As the spring season is in full swing, it’s time to embrace new trends for summer 2019.

Men’s fashion is being pushed further than ever before, and we can take a lot of these looks off the runway as well.

This summer 2019 is all about modern twists on old favourites. There’s also an insistence on the smaller details that make their own influence on your style.

Let’s unveil the top 7 definitive men’s fashion trends to look out for in 2019.

7 Men's Fashion Trends 2019



According to the latest Pinterest trend 2019, numbers of people look for oversized menswear. It is no surprise to say oversized menswear is back.

These oversized outfits are not so offensive that they attract too much attention, but they are a unique twist on our favorite outerwear.

From oversized tee to oversized jumper to oversized suit to oversized trousers to oversized hoodie to oversized shirt, all are now available and trending in men’s fashion 2019.

Here are a few tips; how to wear oversized outfits and still look tailored:

Sarah Ann Murray, famed stylist highlighted 3 tips that will make the oversized trend work.

  • Know the Occasion: The oversized trend might hit into the market, but it’s not suitable for every occasion.
  • Buy Oversized, Not Big: Avoid purchasing big outfits. Try to buy 2 sizes big of your actual size, which always works best.
  • Add Balance: Murray says, you need to add balance out the look with a slimmer fit elsewhere.


Layer up outfits are now trending in both men’s and women’s fashion 2019. Layering is easier than it sounds. While some of you may be layering queens and kings year-round, for others, it might take some extra motivation and a little push to layer a shirt on top of another shirt, under a dress, over pants and with a few accessories in between.

You can hold this men’s fashion trend without piling on six or seven layers of jackets by just looking for a new trend to layer.

A plain sweater over a button-down with a leather jacket looks stylish without looking like a runaway mess.

Here are the 3 best ways to layer up when it’s extreme hot:

  • Ditches the sleeves
  • Wear Shorteralls
  • Layer up with accessories instead of clothes


It’s been observed that the western trend is finally at the gates of men’s fashion trend 2019.

Western men’s fashion trend offers plaids pants, button-down western shirts, and light wash denim. Keep it trendy and simple by selecting single elements of your Western-inspired clothing to suit your other neutrals.


Men’s style includes little more details than ever before. While men of the past had to worry about being called out for being “too interested” in fashion, this disgrace is slowly but surely diminish.

Nowadays, men have more choices than ever for astounding their favorite accessories with coolness.

It is no surprise that well-chosen accessories can take an outfit to a whole other level and makes it go from 0 to 100 rapidly. It is also a fact, accessories used wrong and without confidence can ruin the whole appearance easily.

Accessories that are trending in men’s fashion 2019 are enlisted below:

  • Bracelet
  • Watches
  • Suit Accessories
  • Rings
  • Scarves
  • Sling Bags

Are you carrying a bunch of important keys or other mobile equipment? Do you want to carry them at a single place? Custom Lanyards are the best option to carry such items on one hand. You can wear custom lanyards around your neck or clasp with your jeans or even at your thighs.


Bring the checked pattern outfits into your winter attire today with button-down shirts for an easy to wear substitute to Alexander McQueen’s shows stopper.

When it comes to the classic patterns of men’s wardrobe, those based on the geometry of the square checks, grids, and plaids have a long history that remains popular nowadays.

If you really want to keep yourself updated to definitive men’s fashion trend 2019, you really need to consider checked pattern outfits in your closest.

Let me enlist types of checks available for menswear in 2019:

  • Graph Check
  • Tattersall
  • Gingham
  • Shepherd’s Check
  • Plaid or Tartan


Years back, animal print is just for women. But today, it’s making a splash in men’s fashion as well.

Still, you’ll need to be cautious. Not all prints are created equal. Actually, some are dead completely. Bottega Veneta and Valentino, present the latest and greatest animal print trend to hit collection this year. It is recommended to choose tiger print outfits for a fashionable look.

It is good to have Animal print in your closet this year, for nothing will boost your style up faster than a tiger print sweater in the winter season. Wear this look over a grungey rock style.


Flowers aren’t just for women’s fashion now. In fact, they’re really elegant when worn on large vests, button downs, or even blazers. The Dolce & Gabanna collection introduced bright, bold florals that whirled all along each garment.

Floral prints come in various outfits in this age. Following are some ways to wear floral prints this summer enlisted:

  • The Floral Print Tie
  • The Floral Shirt
  • The Floral Print Trousers
  • The Shorts

Let’s me sum this short guide describing 7 definitive men’s fashion trend 2019 by highlighting useful tips about men’s fashion:

  • Keep it Simple: if you want your attires to look exceptional on you, keep it simple.
  • Choose Quality over Brand Names: Always go for the quality rather considering the brand’s name.
  • Mind your Hair:  Always retain your hair and beards clean and neat.
  • Fit Well: to be chic and graceful, confirm everything fits well. 
  • Develop your image: Try to invest money and time into your self-image and looks.

7 Definitive Men’s Fashion Trend 2019

 7 Definitive Men’s Fashion Trend 2019