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Top Trends for Men’s Fashion in 2019

This past year was a big one for the fashion world. We saw a lot of new trends like bomber jackets, monotone colours, and leather that are here to stay.

That being said, as the holiday season is in full swing, it’s time to embrace new trends for the new year.

Men’s fashion is being pushed further than ever before, and we can take a lot of these looks off the runway as well.

This new year is all about modern twists on old favourites. There’s also an emphasis on the smaller details that make their own impact on your style.

Let’s dive into the top trends to look out for in 2019.

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Top Mens Fashion Trends 2019

  • 1. Oversized Shoulders
  • 2. Layer Up
  • 3. Western
  • 4. Accessories
  • 5. Checkers
  • 6. Animal Print
  • 7. Flowers

1. Oversized Shoulders

While we wouldn't go so far as to say shoulder pads are back, we are getting dangerously close. This new trend is sending major American Gigolo vibes, but we’re still here for it. Oversized menswear is going wider than ever in the shoulders.

These larger-than-life shoulders aren’t so outrageous that they attract too much attention, but they’re still a unique twist on our favourite outerwear.

Think of it as your very own armour for the changing world. We’ve seen oversized shoulders in collections by Calvin Klein and Y/Project, but it’ll be everywhere come this winter.

2. Layer Up

Layers are here to stay, and that’s a welcome find as the weather is only getting colder. While the runways are filled with over-the-top layers like this $9,000 layered jacket by Balenciaga, you don’t have to take your own outerwear quite this far.

You never know what the weather’s going to be nowadays, so why not dressed with the season in mind?

You can embrace this men’s fashion trend without piling on seven layers of coats by just looking for new ways to layer.

A sweater over a button-down with a leather jacket looks chic without looking like a runaway mess.

3. Western

We’ve seen the western trend for a few months now, and it’s finally coming to a head. The American West is becoming the inspiration for designers like Raf Simons for Calvin Klein.

It turns out there is such a thing as a tasteful cowboy, so this is a trend we can all jump on the bandwagon with.

Look for plaids, button-down western shirts, and denim. Keep it fashionable and simple by choosing single elements of your Western-inspired wardrobe to suit your other neutrals. Just leave your lasso at home.

4. Accessories

Men’s fashion includes little more details than ever before. While men of the past had to worry about being called out for being “too interested” in fashion, this stigma is slowly but surely going away.

Today, men have more options than ever for rocking their favourite accessories with confidence.

The most popular accessory-of-choice for men today is the watch. Yes, even with the rise of smartphones, there’s still a need for a hip watch. When buying watches online, men have a lot of choices from sports watches, classic styles, and even smartwatches to choose from.

Start by researching the watch and browsing through all the different styles to narrow down what fits your needs the most.

Mens fashion trends 2019 #fashion #trends #2019 #fashiontips #mensfashion

5. Checkers

Plaid and geometric shapes are officially this year. Thanks to Alexander McQueen’s preppy runway looks this year, we’re seeing Scottish-inspired tartan fits all over the place.

Plaids are perfect for the winter months, but we’ll hopefully see the checkered look run its course into other seasons of 2019 as well.

Bring the checkered look into your winter wardrobe today with button-down shirts for an easy to wear alternative to Alexander McQueen’s runway stunner.

If you’re up for a bolder look, try taking checked trousers for a ride.

6. Animal Print

Animal print isn’t just for women. Nowadays, it’s making a splash in men’s fashion as well, if not more than it is for women.

However, you’ll need to be careful. Not all prints are created equal. Actually, some are dead entirely. You’ll need to be careful to choose tiger print since that’s the latest-and-greatest animal print trend to hit collections from Bottega Veneta and Valentino.

With your animal print, splurge for outerwear. Nothing will warm your style up faster than a tiger print sweater in the coldest season. Wear this look over a grungey rock style. Think distressed jeans and leather pants.

7. Flowers

Flowers aren’t just for women’s fashion. In fact, they’re really chic when worn on large vests, button downs, or even blazers. The Dolce & Gabanna collection featured bright, bold florals that swirled all along each garment.

Go all in with floral everything, or tone it down with small accents. A floral button-down is an easy way to transition into this look and see if it’s for you. Keep it masculine with darker colours and monotone styles or embrace chic vibrant.

The runway was an exciting place this past season. With so many new ideas and trends to look forward to, there’s a lot to use as inspiration for 2019. Start your year off on a fashion-forward foot with these trends above.


Mens fashion trends 2019 #fashion #trends #2019 #fashiontips #mensfashion

Mens fashion trends 2019 #fashion #trends #2019 #fashiontips #mensfashion