5 Shoe Styles Every Man Needs in His Wardrobe
May 24, 2022

5 Shoe Styles Every Man Needs in His Wardrobe

Many fashion designers insist shoes are an integral part of a man’s wardrobe, if not the most important part. Stylish shoes complete a man’s outfit and bring every detail together.

Choosing the right shoe styles is not always easy. With so many choices, men sometimes get lost in the decision process.

This guide helps men choose the right shoes for their clothing style. With this information, men will feel more comfortable choosing the classiest shoes to add to their collection.

Take Inventory of Your Shoes

The shoes a man wears tell a lot about his style. While some men think little of the shoes they are wearing, footwear tells a story.

Before you purchase new shoes, you should first determine what you have. Going through your shoe wardrobe and getting rid of worn, outdated, or ill-fitting shoes is beneficial.

5 Shoe Styles Every Man Needs in His Closet

While there are many men’s shoes that look stylish and classic, there are a few that stand out from the rest, such as leather sneakers. Having these in your shoe collection will enhance your wardrobe.

Brown Brogues

If there is one shoe every many should have, it has to be the brown brogue. These brown leather shoes provide a timeless design that looks good on any man.

Brown brogues are perfect for the office and transition well to date night. These shoes stand out from others because of their perforations or punched designs.

Interestingly, brogues get their name from bro, which is the Gaelic word for shoe. If you do not own a pair, pick one up to add to your shoe collection.

Suede Chukkas

Chukka boots were the first dress-casual shoe to hit the industry. They are not as sophisticated as the brogue but are also much dressier than sneakers.

The reason men need suede chukkas in their wardrobe is the immense versatility these shoes offer. You can wear chukkas with jeans or even a suit. Chukkas are dressy enough for a high-class look without being so over the top that you cannot wear them with jeans.

Brown Loafers

Every man needs a pair of comfy brown loafers in their collection. Loafers are a summer essential that are also worn throughout the year. A loafer is the perfect men’s shoe for dressing up or dressing down.

Although you should not wear loafers with a three-piece suit, they pair perfectly with a sport coat and nice jeans. You can even wear them with a pair of shorts and a golf shirt.

Suede and leather are classic loafer materials. Both penny loafers and tassels make a statement. If you do not have loafers in your shoe collection, get a pair now!

Minimalist Sneakers

No matter how often you dress up, you are going to need a pair or two of casual shoes. Minimalist sneakers are the perfect casual shoe that is not too casual.

This footwear is made of canvas and is available in multiple colors. If choosing only one, pick a neutral color, such as beige. These shoes are perfect for casual outings and summer fun.

Black Oxfords

Every man needs a pair of black dress shoes in his collection. Black oxfords are normally the first dress shoes a man owns. There are both square and round-shaped toes.

To get the best look and one that remains classic, choose the rounded toe version. These shoes are perfect for formal occasions, such as weddings, funerals, and all black-tie events. You cannot go wrong with a pair of black oxfords and a black suit and tie.

Choose Quality Shoes

While men may find it tempting to save money by buying cheap shoes, this is not advisable. Inexpensive shoes will not last long. Investing in a high-quality shoe will require a greater initial investment, but these shoes are likely to last decades without wearing down or going out of style.

Make sure you purchase from reputable manufacturers who use durable materials. Leather and suede are classic materials, and canvas is a sound choice for casual shoes. With the best shoes comes timeless sophistication.

Shop For The Best Men’s Shoes

You cannot go wrong with the classics above. Adding these shoes to your collection will help broaden your footwear horizons and ensure you have a shoe for every occasion.

They say shoes make the man, and most people believe this is true. From casual to formal, there is a shoe on this list for every occasion.

5 Shoe Styles Every Man Needs in His Wardrobe