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5 Creative Ways Men Can Wear a Bracelet On Casual Routine

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5 Creative Ways Men Can Wear a Bracelet On Casual Routine

Accessories are meant only for women and not for men, Really!

In this case, you have to go a few centuries back and there you will get to see that at the time of battles, warriors used to wear bracelets.

As in ancient times, some people used to wear bracelets to show off their wealth and a few used to wear them as a symbol of some cultural or religious practice.

With the passage of time, a concept of men wearing armbands became rare and then the bracelets became pretty much a feminine thing.

But now, bracelets are also taken off as a trend for men. The same is the reason as it was before, men put bracelets on their wrists to show off their wealth or wearing it to follow a fashion.

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5 Creative Ways Men Can Wear a Bracelet On Casual Routine 

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Let’s have a look at different styles of bracelets a man can wear:

Beaded Bracelets: Beaded Bracelets are one of the most worn and modish as these can be put on with different styles of clothing. Go for rich brown or black colors to match it with every attire of yours.

Also, go for small beaded bracelets rather than big beads as it seems messy and it does not look good when worn. Moreover, Beaded bracelets are stretchable and expandable.

Hand-woven Bracelets: You want to look casual but stylish at the same time, go for hand-woven armbands. You can find them in any color as different colored hand-woven bracelets give a super cool look.

Rope bracelet: It is also another kind of a bracelet that is made up of a rope and is available in different colors. You can find it in anchor style as well.

Leather Bracelets: You are ready to go to a casual party and you need to decide what type of bracelet should be worn, opt for leather bracelets. Leather bracelets are more casual while finer can be wrapped around your wrist and closed with a press stud. Leather armbands are durable.

Silver/Gold Armbands: Like women, men can also opt for some gold/silver hand accessories such as a bracelet and it looks pretty good on men too when wearing according to the dress code. These bracelets give a simple yet subtle look.

Chain Bracelets: Yet another casual style, which is easy to carry and gives you a super casual, enchanting look is a chain bracelet.

5 Creative Ways Men Can Wear a Bracelet On Casual Routine 

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What dress code should we follow to wear a bracelet?

  • Beaded bracelets style suits with denim the most.
  • Hand-Woven armbands are casually worn with informal dress code.
  • Leather and hand-woven bracelets can be worn with shorts or trousers as well and t-shirts on the top.
  • However, gold/silver armbands are easy to put on with all formal, semi-formal and informal dress codes (casual t-shirts, jeans, etc.). But they look modish when wearing with formal attires.
  • Chain bracelet gives an enthralling look with every kind of dressing either with shorts or with a full suit. Maybe, you notice some of the celebrities also wearing such bracelets. 

5 Creative Ways Men Can Wear a Bracelet On Casual Routine                                                                Via Unsplash

Have you matched up a perfect bracelet according to an occasion?

When we are going somewhere we like wearing according to a style. We want to look up-to-date. But what if we go in a suit to some casual party or vice versa? Totally Hilarious. No?

We like everything to look “just-perfect” from top to bottom then why not style our look with some cool bracelets around our wrists.

Wrap up bracelets like beaded, leather, etc. if you are going to some casual party, on holidays or going to join your friends somewhere outside. Wear silver/gold or chain bracelets if you are going to attend a reception or a ceremony.

5 Creative Ways Men Can Wear a Bracelet On Casual Routine 

                                                               Via Unsplash

Some Tips:

  • You can pair up hand-woven armbands with leather bracelets to outreach the fashion trends. Also, you can match up leather bracelets with a watch or a watch with some silver/gold and chain armbands. You can go for many options when it comes to pairing it up with.
  • Choose a wrist wisely. As there is no hard and fast rule to wear it on either right wrist or on left. It varies from person to person. Try to wrap up an armband on your dominant wrist. Try to put it on the arm where you feel comfortable wearing it. Do not put bracelets on both of your wrists.
  • Mostly, it looks smarter and adorable if we wear a bracelet according to the size of our wrists. The more it is fitted to the wrist, the more it gives a cool impact.
  • It is a must to match bracelets with your skin tone. Men with fair skin tones can go with gold or brighter colors. Men with dull skin tones can go with some copper or dull colors. Men with neutral skin tones can have anything around their wrists. The silver bracelet goes with any skin tone and is the most favorable.
  • Do not over-accessorize your wrist with multiple bands styles, keep it to two different styles of bands at a time.

End Line:

Bracelet gives an attractive touch to the Day-to-Day look and enhances the style. Whatever you wear, Wear it with Style and Move with Confidence. Your Style defines you better than any other thing.

5 Creative Ways Men Can Wear a Bracelet