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The Watch of Navy Seals: What to Know About Luminox

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SEALS undergo a lot of rough training and even rougher combat situations. It’s important that they have watches that can survive even the toughest conditions. Here is what you need to know about Luminox and the relationship with the Navy.

SEALS and Luminox

There is a long history between the Navy SEALS and Luminox watches. As a SEAL, you are battle-tested. The training is gruelling and the most difficult in the military. Not only is training rough, but the combat situations that SEALS are expected to operate in are also gruelling.

It’s important to have a watch that can stand up to a combat zone. The Luminox 3053, for instance, is a deep-diving watch designed for SEALS. One of the only watches that retain a relationship with the SEALS is the Luminox. It’s one of the best and considered a SEAL’s watch because of its strength and technology.

Strength of Luminox

Despite being a newer watch brand than some of the older, more established brands, Luminox is among the strongest. Its strength and durability make it relevant to the military.

The idea behind these watches was to develop a watch that was capable of withstanding combat situations, deep dives, field operations and parachute jumps. In addition, the watches would have to undergo tests in ovens, pressure pots and freezers.

Always Visible Technology

When it comes to standing out features, the Luminox watch is famous for its luminescence technology. It utilizes a radioactive hydrogen isotope in order to light the watch.

This means that it needs no other light or energy source to charge. So, no matter where you are or how dark the environment is, you can always read the watch. This is particularly helpful when it comes to combat situations.

It’s important to have a watch that won’t easily break or snap under pressure. This is particularly true if you need a watch in a combat zone or on a deep dive. Not every watch can survive a deep dive or a parachuting mission. It’s best to have a watch that lasts.

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