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3 Types of Sneakers Every Dude Should Own

Experts estimate that the athletic footwear industry will reach a value of $95 billion by 2025. Much of this value comes with the popularity of sneaker brands like Yeezys or Air Jordans. These limited edition shoes can resell for thousands of dollars. 

But let's be honest, these expensive shoes aren't always the most attractive. With their bright colors and loud designs, many men choose to shy away from sneaker trends.

Luckily, you don't need to wear a pair of highlighter orange shoes to make a statement — unless you want to, of course. 

Keep reading to discover the three types of sneakers every man should own. 

3 Types of Sneakers Every Dude Should Own

1. Fashion Sneakers

The best sneakers for every man's wardrobe is a pair of fashion sneakers. These are sneakers that you can wear every day that shows you have a sense of style. 

These shoes generally come in leather, canvas, or texture blends and feature neutral colors. Most fashion sneakers will be low-top so that you can wear them with tighter-fitting pants. Depending on the brand, you can opt for slip-on or laced fashion sneakers. 

If you're a little braver with your wardrobe, we suggest a pair of all-white fashion sneakers. These show your style, and keeping them white will prove you care about your appearance. 

2. Sneakers Showing Your Personality

Sneaker styles are a great way to share your personality with others. 

If you're a nerd who loves to share their fandoms, you may wear these Dragon Ball Z shoes.

If you love hip-hop music, show off your favorite pair of Yeezys. Or, if you want to show respect to the late and great Kobe Bryant, purchase a pair of Kobe Mambas. 

Personality sneakers are great if you're required to wear a specific wardrobe for work. They allow you to follow the dress code while still expressing yourself. 

3. Working Sneakers

With all these different types of sneakers, arguably the most important ones will be your working or athletic sneakers. These shoes you wear more for function than style. 

These are the sneakers you wear to work out, mow the grass, or do manual labor. With these sneakers, you should be most concerned with how comfortable they are. Your shoes aren't serving their main purpose if they leave your feet hurting after a day of hard work. 

You can even choose to retire your fashion or personality sneakers to working sneakers once they start to wear out. That way, you have more room in your budget to buy sneakers that you love. 

Which Types of Sneakers Will You Rock

These are the three main types of sneakers every man should have in his wardrobe. 

Start with a pair of fashion sneakers for everyday wear. Then, find a pair that expresses your personality to wear on special occasions. Finally, you'll always want a pair of working sneakers to wear for physical work. 

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3 Types of Sneakers Every Dude Should Own