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3 Style Tips For A Casual Chic Look

From suits to other formal attires, most men feel at ease putting ensembles using these standard pieces. While you may have enough examples on how to sport a formal, serious look, you might have second guesses on how to stay sleek with casual wear. 

3 Style Tips For A Casual Chic Look

Men Casual Wear 101

Casual men’s fashion is all about making a lasting impression and allowing your personality to shine through your clothes without appearing flashy. However, this can be quite tricky, discouraging many fashion forward men.

Being able to dress properly during less formal events, social gatherings, parties, or simply as you run errands and go out for a movie is a skill. While it may take time to hone and develop this mastery, there are key ways to help you look well-dressed instantly. To show you, below are three handy style tips for a casual chic look:

1. Rotate Your Staple Pieces

Having casual wear staples—a pair of denim jeans, a white shirt, jacket, blazer, a pair of shades, and the like—will help you save time, money, and energy in putting on outfit ensembles. With the right basic clothes, you should be able to rotate and enjoy them regardless of the occasion or the style you’re going for.

For example, a good pair of jeans can be worn repeatedly during a lot of casual events. It can be paired with a basic tee, a polo shirt under a jacket, or even with your long sleeve polo. To accessorize, you can put on your favorite watch. Alternatively, you can wear a baseball cap or simply grab your preferred sunglasses and head out.

Nonetheless, if there are missing basics in your closet, identify these and start putting them on your shopping list. Make sure to choose quality clothes you can wear regularly that are worth the investment. For instance, CALIBRE and other similar brands have a range of durable and sleek basics that can help you fill in the gaps in your wardrobe. 

Sticking to a few, reputable fashion brands help you avoid purchase mistakes. Looking into your wardrobe before you start buying will also help you make savvy and fashion-wise choices.

2. Choose The Proper Fit

While you may have clothes you hold dearly, you may have to stop hoarding some of them, especially ones that no longer fit you. Opting for clothes that fit might tend to get overlooked. However, there are fashion hacks that'd truly help elevate your overall style game.

For instance, the proper fitted white shirt allows you to grab necessary things and move without getting unhealthily conscious. It also helps you flaunt muscles and proportions without overly doing it. 

Conversely, think about how an ill-fitted polo shirt will do no good in your confidence. If you’re wearing a baggy polo shirt, it can make you look lousy and unprofessional. You wouldn’t want to make the wrong first impression simply because of a shapeless top. On the other hand, a tight pair of pants will make you feel uncomfortable and restricted. 

You wouldn’t be able to focus on your tasks at hand if you’re sporting clothes that no longer fit you well. However, if you can donate some of your favorite loose clothes, you can work with your tailor and ask if they could alter them to fit you. Going to the tailor is a perfect way to save these garments and allow you to wear them again. 

In addition, if you tend to shop online, be particular with the size ranges as some brands may unintentionally differ from the others. For example, the medium for a certain fashion store may be large to the other. Keeping this in mind helps you avoid purchase mistakes of having to settle with clothes that don’t make you feel comfortable. 

3 Style Tips For A Casual Chic Look

3. Opt For Neutrals

A few trendy color combinations may be popular right now. However, similar to other trends, they're transitory. While you can consider and nod on to these trends, nothing beats opting for neutral colors. If you attempt to look through the media to see how adult men wear casual outfits, you'd see a similar pattern in the way they style themselves. Most likely, they’re wearing neutrals and muted tones.

An all-neutral wardrobe allows you to blend in with the crowd and look sleek without overdoing anything. Conversely, wearing bold patterns and graphic designs may potentially outshine your true personality. 

While it can be fun wearing bold colors periodically, investing most of your money in these trendy garments may not be the most economical choice. This is especially true if you’ll be wearing casual clothes most of the time.

Final Thoughts

Mastering casual chic wear for men should be an enjoyable process of knowing what suits you best and how you can strike a balance between comfort and style. Surely, by keeping these tips in mind, you can put on outfits that’ll look and make you feel your best.

3 Style Tips For A Casual Chic Look