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2019 Wedding Bands Trends for Men

Historically when one thinks of a wedding band for a man, they think of the no-frills, plain, simple, solid metal ring. Seriously, not even a diamond. Nothing, usually just gold.

In recent years there has been a major trend in the wedding industry of couple customizing and personalizing their weddings like never before.

This has begun to influence how men choose their wedding bands. Opting instead for a more stylish customized wedding band than the traditional plain gold ring.

While customization is all about bringing your own personality and style to something, there is no harm in staying current with the latest trends. Keep reading to discover the top 2019 wedding band trends for men.

Black Diamonds

Traditionally diamonds have been reserved for the bride and her wedding ring and engagement ring. However, a recent trend has seen men choosing to have diamonds added to their bands as well.

Albeit in a rather subdued over the masculine way. In 2019 men are choosing to add black diamonds to the side or edges of the ring. Effectively limiting the view of the diamonds to that of the viewer only.

Even if they are discreetly displayed diamonds are a cool way to add some personal style and brilliance to your wedding band.

Mixed Metals

An interesting trend emerging in 2019 is the mixing of metals to form one wedding band. Traditionally mens wedding bands have been either yellow gold or white gold.

But, in an effort to be more individualized and add their personality to their wedding band, men have begun to mix metals.

The most popular trend still uses the more traditional metals in different contrasting ways. But more and more men are beginning to add rose gold and brushed steel as well.

Damascus Steel

By far the most distinguishing option available for mens wedding bands is the Damascus steel. Now if you're thinking of Viking and samurai swords, you'd be right. It's the very same Damascus steel.

Men are choosing to standout with this head-turning, eye-popping, uniquely patterned steel ring.

The fact that it is made from the same material as ancient Viking and samurai swords is sure to make any man feel masculine. But this same fact is also why they are so durable.

Making them a desirable option for those men who are worried about damaging their ring while wearing it.

Rose Gold

It was mildly surprising to see a rose gold rise in popularity among men at the same time it rose in popularity among women. This is the most distinct departure from the more traditional colors of yellow gold and white gold.

2019 couples are choosing to go with the more subdued romantic color of rose gold. Opting for matching rings in a more romantic and tender display of their love and affection for one another.

When it comes to popular 2019 trends the rose gold trend is by far one of the best and shouldn't go away anytime soon.

It stands as a clear statement that couples now are about making everything about their wedding and love for each other as unique and personalized as possible.

Wedding Bands for Men

Historically men have been relegated to choosing between a simple plain yellow or white gold wedding band. Eventually the addition of small diamonds was added, but still plain and simple won out more than not.

Today, however, men are demanding different more stylish wedding bands with personality.

While some trends are still more focused on the classical and outdated views of masculinity like black diamonds on the edges or sides, or a wedding band made out of Damascus steel.

Even though both options still look pretty cool and are a great way to show off your own personal style. There are trends that are much farther from tradition.

Mixed metals are a great way to truly standing out either by mixing the traditional white and yellow colors or by adding brushed steel and rose gold. Rose gold itself has also become popular.

Not just among men but couples as well as choosing to get matching rose gold-colored bands.

The choices for wedding bands for men have drastically changed from the traditional two gold choices.

Staying up on the trends is always a good way to get ideas for your wedding band. Regardless of the style chosen you can't go wrong with a ring that shows off your personality and turns a few heads.

2019 Wedding Bands Trends for Men