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7 Minimalist Tungsten Wedding Rings for Men

Tungsten is a very rare metal that’s created through the combination of exclusive chemical compounds. It’s a rather heavy stone that’s hard to work with when in its raw form.

However, once refined it becomes a very pure metal that’s malleable enough to create the gorgeous and trending tungsten men’s rings that we know and love. Pure tungsten is a light gray or white metal, but it can be plated in other colors. For example, many black wedding rings are made of tungsten

Apart from their aesthetic beauty, tungsten rings are scratch resistant and hard wearing, which makes them ideal for adventurous and active grooms whose hands go through a lot on a daily basis.

Tungsten rings are also available in different styles and colours, while the minimalist trend is one of the most popular right now, as it makes for a timeless, unique and elegant ring.

Here are just seven examples of minimalist tungsten wedding rings from americantungsten.com that you might want to consider if you’re currently shopping for your wedding band:

7 Minimalist Tungsten Wedding Rings for Men

  1. The lone diamond tungsten ring: This is a great design for the modern day gentleman who wants to keep his ring simple but with a bit of bling added for that ‘extra’ effect. The overall design of the ring is kept very simple with the exception of a tiny diamond stone set into it.
  1. Blue Nile: Not only does this ring come in a classically masculine colour, but you can also get it in different finishes, from polished to a brushed matte finish that really gives off an elegant air about the wearer. The Blue Nile tungsten ring probably makes for one of the unique wedding bands you’ll ever come across, and it looks even better when made in a simple and minimalist design with minor etchings.
  1. Matte black: With its brushed matte finish and finely polished oblique edges, this one of a kind ring is the epitome of tungsten black rings. It is smooth to the touch while providing a comfortable fit, and the sleek jet black colour only serves to amplify its strength. This ring simply exudes elegance and style.
  1. Minimalist silver: The minimalist silver tungsten ring is a graceful and uber-masculine style that perfectly complements a groom with a reserved gentlemanly air. In a nutshell, it is an excellent ring that personifies understated elegance.
  2. Domed ring in glistening silver: This ring features a light silver grey finish that simply screams classic design and timeless style. It also sports a traditional domed design and a glossy finish that’ll make you stand out in all the right ways. Although sleek in appearance, this ring is scratch resistant and highly durable, which makes it an ideal choice for the guy who looks equally fetching in a tailored tux as he does in a wetsuit.
  1. Braided inlay: This one features a unique braided inlay all across the centre, which makes a simple but poignant statement. This inlay feature is available in different materials, from gold to silver, platinum, and even palladium. Each combination brings a unique element that speaks to a different personality, and the beautiful mix between the cool grey of tungsten with the sleek glamour of these other materials makes this an extremely attractive ring.
  1. Black walnut wood inlay: If you’re looking for something a tad bit more traditional, classy and urbane, then this amazingly gorgeous ring is the way to do it! With its striking but elegant black walnut inlay that’s beautifully combined with a high-tech type of black ceramic that amplifies its durability, this ring brings perfect harmony between old world charm and modern elegance. It’s a truly beautiful ring that leaves an impression of nobility and strength while providing a comfortable silk-like fit.

Final Thought

A wedding ring is for life. Choosing the right tungsten ring is a very important decision you have to make. Things like size, style, metal all come into play when choosing a wedding band. Professional advice always helps.